By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A University City restaurant has added a show-stopping dish to its menu.

The new menu item at Dim Sum House at 3939 Chestnut Street is live Norwegian King Crab… and General Manager Jackson Fu says in order to accommodate the $388 dish, they had to install custom seafood tanks.

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“We’re getting these specifically from Norway and they’re being flown to New York and they’re getting trucked down directly to us.”

He says there’s a big difference when you eat a king crab fresh as opposed to defrosted.

“That meat in the legs, I gotta tell you, it’s like there’s added sugar, but it’s so natural it’s almost unbelievable how sweet and delicate and tender it is.”

(credit: Hadas Kuznits)

Fu says each crab is about nine pounds, serves six to ten people, and is served three ways.

“We do a stir fry with the legs, with the knuckles — which are huge by the way, they’re like the size of tennis balls — we do a ginger scallion steamed and then the shell itself, what we’ll do is we’ll steam eggs in there.”

And it’s not just a meal, it’s an Instagram experience.

“When you do order the king crab, you’re able to kind of ‘meet’ the crab before you eat it, so we’ll bring it out for you and you’ll be able to hold it up and take pictures.”

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This might seem unusual but…

“A lot of restaurants in China, what they have is essentially a market in the lobby of the restaurant and so as you’re walking through the lobby, you’re almost picking out your entire dinner and then you make your way to the table.”

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