By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With the Christmas Village now in full swing until Christmas Eve, there’s plenty to eat there to make you feel like you’re celebrating the holidays in Germany.

Corinna Breuer with the Christmas Village says one of the most German holiday food traditions is the mulled wine.

“It’s like spices with ginger, with cinnamon — it’s like our pumpkin spice thing!”

It’s basically wine that’s heated on the stove.

“A little recommendation from a German — mix white and red, that’s the best combination.”

Kuznits: “To mix them together?”


New this year at the Christmas Village is the raclette cheese stand from Switzerland.

“He takes a block of cheese and he’s melting the crust and then pull off the cheese and put it on a sandwich.”

For a traditional snack, get roasted nuts.

“They do it here freshly, and if you are lucky you can have them warm.”

Or for something a little more filling, try the Doener kebab.

“It comes from Berlin and it’s a pita bread filled with onions, salad, tomatoes and it has a perfectly stinking garlic sauce on it but it is amazing!”

Then there’s the spetzel:

“It’s like soft egg noodles.”

And potato pancakes.

“They are called, reibikuchen! That’s a German word.”

For dessert, there are crepes.

“and they are filled with German sweets like kinderchocolate.”

And waffles of various flavors like bacon and nutella.

“And it’s like a little bit salty and sweet and perfect!”

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