3pm- Medical marijuana users in Hawaii have been told by state authorities that they must surrender their Constitutional right to own a firearm. To justify the state wide confiscation, state officials have cited federal law barring cannabis users from purchasing guns.

3:20pm- According to Politico, the proposed GOP tax plan includes a carve out that would create a tax exemption for nonprofit organizations like The Newman’s Own Foundation. 

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4pm- FCC Chairman Ajit Pai joins the show to discuss net-neutrality, the free-market vs government regulations, and debating Cher on Twitter.

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5pm- While meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, President Donald Trump and Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis told reporters that North Korea’s latest ICBM launch went higher than any of the country’s previous missile tests.

5:30pm- Yesterday, on his GQ web-series, Keith Olbermann announced he plans to retire from all types of political commentary. 

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