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Rich Zeoli represents a new generation of compelling talk radio. He grew up in New Jersey and spent his career advising candidates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania running for all levels of political office including Governor, US Senate, and Congress. He was the youngest chair of a political party in New Jersey history.

Rich is the founder of RZC Impact, a communications firm specializing in media training, public speaking, and strategy. His clients have included Fortune 500 Executives, national television personalities, and bestselling authors. He has personally trained individuals for high profile speaking engagements appearances on national programs including Good Morning America, CBS Sunday Morning, Larry King Live, CBS Evening News, Hannity, Today Show, and many others.

Rich is the author of “The Seven Principles of Public Speaking: Proven Methods of a PR Pro,” and a Visiting Associate at the Eagleton Institute of Politics at RutgersUniversity in New Jersey.


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Zeoli Show Log 10.02.15

Rich discussed the mass shootings in Oregon, gun control, and a controversial Tex Mex commercial. He also discussed Chris Mintz being the real hero of the Oregon shooting, Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to declare a State of Emergency, Jeb Bush’s polling numbers and the ‘Sea Monstah’ guys on Jimmy Kimmel. Rich spoke with Director Jason Aron regarding the new documentary Back in Time at 5:30pm.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–10/02/2015

Zeoli ShowSheet 10/1/15

3:30 – Christie orders state of emergency in N.J. as Hurricane Joaquin approaches Pennsylvania emergency officials prepare for hurricane 4:00 – Chip Kelly sidesteps using ‘Redskins’, comments on name during press conference 4:30 – Why Putin’s Syria move […]


Faithful gather for an open-air mass lead by Pope Francis at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 27, 2015. The 78-year-old head of the Catholic Church wraps up a six-day tour of the US on September 27, having electrified Americans with a message ofhttp://ewas-sypho-01/Symphonia_5/images/btnSaveNew.gif respecting immigrants, protecting the environment and sharing wealth. AFP PHOTO/JEWEL SAMAD        (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

Rendell Blames Mayor Nutter, Secret Service For Papal Problems

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell spoke with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.


Zeoli Show Log 09.25.15

Rich discussed the Pope shutdown, Boehner’s resignation, and security for the Pope. He also discussed local stores raising prices during the Pope’s visit, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio’s feud and a school district banning tag at public schools. Rich spoke with Dr. Mazz at 4pm for Ask the Doctor and Christine Flowers at 5:30pm regarding her latest article, Pope Speaks to Heart.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/25/2015

Zeoli Show Sheet 09.24.15

Rich discussed Pope Francis’ address to Congress, the Papal visit and everything it will bring Philadelphia, Rich Lowry’s Donald Trump comments. At 3:30, Rich spoke to Reason Magazine’s deputy editor Stephanie Slade about what Pope Francis should really be talking about during his U.S. visit.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/24/2015

(credit: Noorullah Shirzada/AFP/Getty Images)

Father Of Murdered Marine Talks About Sexual Abuse His Son Witnessed In Afghanistan

Gregory Buckley Sr, whose son Gregory Jr., was murdered on a base in Afghanistan spoke with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 about what his son experienced and how his superiors reacted when confronted with incidences of sexual abuse.


Zeoli Show Sheet 09.23.15

Rich discussed Pope Francis progressive conflicts, Joe Biden’s views on abortion, Hillary Clinton’s ties to birtherism and Donald Trump’s appearance with Stephen Colbert. He also discussed the latest with Hillary Clinton’s server, iPhone 6 release delay and Pope Francis bobblehead. Rich spoke with Greg Buckley Sr., the Father of Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr., regarding his son’s death that was told to ignore sexual abuse of boys by Afghan Allies at 5pm.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/23/2015

Pope Francis

Rendell: Pope Inconveniences Are Secret Service’s Fault

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell blamed most of the regulations causing trouble for Philadelphia surrounding the visit by Pope Francis to the World Meeting of Families on overzealous demands from the Secret Service.


Zeoli Show 09.21.15

Rich discussed the Eagles loss, Ben Carson’s thoughts on a Muslim president and recapped the Emmys. He also discussed molestation among Afghan allies, Scott Walker dropping out the Presidential race and Hillary Clinton’s declaration to be a real person. Rich spoke with CJ Pearson about his latest viral video about Obama at 3:30pm. He also spoke with Philly Mag’s Joel Mathis about Kathleen Kane at 4:30pm.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/21/2015

Zeoli Show Log 09.18.15

Rich discussed the uproar surrounding Donald Trump’s town hall meeting, Carly Fiorina taking the lead in New Hampshire and the similarities between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. He also discussed the Borgota dictating employees weight, Death to America chants, the Eagles and Cowboy games and Hillary Clinton leaving children in tears. Rich spoke with Dr. Mazz at 4pm during the Ask The Doctor segment. At 4:30pm, Philly Mag’s Victor Fiorillo discussed the Pope’s visit. Talia Lavin, a fact checker at The New Yorker, discussed her Jeopardy experience at 5:45pm. At 6:15pm, Richard Gere spoke about his new movie Time Out of Mind.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/18/2015

Zeoli Show Sheet 09.17.15

Rich recapped the Republican debate, discussed the media’s attack on Carly Fiornia, Chris Christie’s performance and the latest on Ahmed Mohamed’s hoax. He also spoke with Operations Manager Andy Bloom about the debate at 4:15pm. Loretta Lepore ,former CNN Anchor and Carly Fiorina Co-Chair, discussed Carly’s performance at the debate at 5pm.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/17/2015

Zeoli Show Log 09.16.15

Rich discussed CNN’s Republican debate, Starbucks’ lattes ruining work productivity and Ahmed Mohamed’s arrest over a ‘hoax bomb’. He also discussed a Texas restaurant refusing to serve police, 9/11 jokes going too far and prepared listeners for the GOP debate. Rich spoke with Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele about the GOP debate at 3:15pm.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/16/2015

Chip Kelly

Ed Rendell Says Chip Kelly Didn’t Have The Eagles Ready To Play

Former Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell spoke with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.


(File photo - Credit: CBS3)

Charles Ramsey: Black Lives Matter Protesters Squandering Their Opportunity

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said that Black Lives Matter protesters should spend their efforts on other issues impacting black neighborhoods.


Zeoli Show Log 09.11.15

During an abbreviated show, Rich remembered the lives lost during September 11th. He also spoke with Commissioner Charles Ramsey regarding 9/11, the Pope’s visit and Black Lives Matter.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/11/2015