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Rich Zeoli represents a new generation of compelling talk radio. He grew up in New Jersey and spent his career advising candidates in for all levels of political office including President, Governor, and Congress. He was the youngest chair of a political party in New Jersey history.

A sought after speaker and coach, Rich is the founder of RZC Impact, a communications firm specializing in media training, public speaking, and strategy. His clients have included Fortune 100 C-Suite Executives, national television personalities, and bestselling authors. He has personally trained individuals for high profile speaking engagements appearances on national programs including Good Morning America, CBS Sunday Morning, Larry King Live, CBS Evening News, Hannity, Today, and many others.

Rich is the author of “The Seven Principles of Public Speaking: Proven Methods of a PR Pro,” and a Visiting Associate at the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He is the proud father of Patrick and Clare and lives in South Jersey with his wife, Brigid.


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Jack Ciattarelli: I Will Not Forget South Jersey

State Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli says he won’t forget about South Jersey if he is elected Governor.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/26/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.25.17

On today’s show, Rich discussed the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to uphold a block on Trump’s travel ban, the Congressional Budget Office’s score of the American Health Care Act, and whether or not Donald Trump pushed the Prime Minister of Montenegro. 3:30pm, Jack Ciattarelli, New Jersey State Assemblyman and Republican candidate for Governor. At 4:05pm, Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/25/2017

Rich Zeoli Column: On Memorial Day, Honor the Fallen; Remember the Living

Memorial Day is not Veterans Day. They are two distinctly different days that we, as a grateful nation, show our respect to those who have served our country.


Congressman Tom MacArthur On Stepping Down From Moderate Republican Group: ‘They Were Mad That I Negotiated With The Freedom Caucus’

New Jersey Congressman Tom MacArthur says he stepped down from the leadership of the ‘Tuesday Group’ because they were angry he negotiated a compromise the GOP healthcare bill with the ‘Freedom Caucus.’

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/24/2017

Steve Forbes On Christie’s Plan To Seize Funds For Addiction Treatment: New Jersey Is Like Venezuela

Steve Forbes compared New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s plan to seize funds from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield for addiction treatment programs to communist countries.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/24/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.24.17

On today’s show, Rich discussed John Brennan’s appearance before the House Intelligence Committee, Mick Mulvaney’s defense of Trump’s new budget proposal, and Katy Perry’s opinion on ISIS. At 4pm, Congressman Tom MacArthur. At 4:35pm, Graeme Wood, National Correspondent for The Atlantic and author of “The Way of the Strangers.” At 5:35pm, Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor in Chief of Forbes Media and co-author of “Reviving America.”

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/24/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.23.17

On today’s show, Rich discussed Trump’s reaction to last night’s attack on concert goers in Manchester, England, former FBI Director John Brennan’s denial that he was ever pressured to end any investigations into alleged ties between Trump campaign members and Russian officials, and the death of James Bond actor, Roger Moore. At 3:35pm, Daniel Horowitz, Senior Editor at Conservative Review. At 4pm, Ted Christian, PA State Director for the Donald Trump Campaign. At 4:45pm, Senator Ben Sasse. At 5:45pm, Comedian Jim Breuer.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/24/2017

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s PA State Director Talks With Rich Zeoli About Winning The Commonwealth While Battling Cancer

Ted Christian, Donald Trump’s Pennsylvania State Director, shares his story of flipping the Keystone State while battling Cancer with Rich Zeoli.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/23/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.22.17

On today’s show, Rich discussed President Trump’s visit to the Middle East, a potential smoking ban on Wildwood’s boardwalk, and the expectation that Gen. Flynn will invoke his 5th Amendment right. At 3:30pm, JD Mullane, journalist for the Bucks County Courier Times. At 4:20pm, New Jersey State Senator Mike Doherty.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/22/2017

Beth Grossman, Republican Candidate For DA, Hopes To Earn Endorsement Of Philadelphia’s Police

Beth Grossman, the Republican candidate for District Attorney in Philadelphia, hopes the police union will endorse her rather than the Democrat, Larry Krasner.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/18/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.18.17

On today’s show, Rich discussed the Justice Department’s decision to hire a special counsel to investigate alleged ties between Trump associates and Russian officials, Judge Amul Thupar’s nomination to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Republican Party’s reaction to Trump controversies.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/18/2017

Zeoli Show Log 5.17.17

On today’s show, Rich talks about the news of a possible impeachment of President Trump or is it just a “witch-hunt”? Rich talks with The National Review’s Andrew C. McCarthy, a former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, about his article “Under the Obama Precedent, No Trump Obstruction of Justice”. Rich discusses Larry Krasner and the vulgar chants heard at this victory party and Sally Yates dropped a bombshell with Anderson Cooper, she is a Democrat. Rich talks tax reform getting over shadowed by all the impeachment talk today and Sen. Cory Booker wanting to make it more difficult to remove government regulations. Rich spotlights a Facebook post about the Philadelphia VA and a caller chimes in on the subject.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/17/2017

Rich Zeoli: No Need For Pool Servicing License In New Jersey

Rich Zeoli says the state of New Jersey should stay out of the pool licensing business.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/17/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.16.17

On today’s show, Rich discussed claims from the Washington Post that Trump revealed classified information to Russian officials, H.R. McMaster’s statement denying the allegations that Trump did anything wrong, and the Supreme Court refusing to hear a case on burping in school. 4:45pm PA Supreme Court Justice Sallie Mundy. At 5pm Jordan Richardson, Senior Policy Analyst at the Charles Koch Institute.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/16/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.15.17

On today’s show, Rich discussed cries from the left for Donald Trump’s impeachment, a proposed NJ law making it illegal to drain a swimming pool without a license, and Joe Scarborough’s disdain for pocket constitutions. At 4:20pm Preston Scarberry, lead operator on the crude unit at PBF Energy’s Delaware City Refinery.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/15/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.12.17

On today’s show, Rich discussed Keith Olbermann’s claim that Donald Trump has committed treason, Mayor Kenney’s call for legalization of marijuana, and the origins of Mother’s Day. At 6pm Rich Guay, Better Way for Santa Fe Coalition.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/12/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.11.17

On this afternoon’s show, Rich discussed Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ impressive performance at today’s White House press briefing, continued fallout from Trump’s decision to fire James Comey, and the anti-Trump ramblings of Maxine Waters.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/11/2017

Donald Trump

Rich Zeoli Column: Conspiracies — Your Safe Space

Trump won the election all by himself, but blame the Russians and ignore the lessons of history.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/11/2017

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan Lines Up Behind Trump In Support Of Comey Firing

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan says Donald Trump was justified in firing James Comey as Director of the FBI.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/10/2017

James Rosen: Comey Firing Is Not Another Watergate

Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen says Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey is not another Watergate.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/10/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.10.17

On today’s show, Rich discussed Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, Democrat hypocrisy following Comey’s firing, and why comparisons of Trump to Nixon are not warranted. 3:35pm James Rosen, correspondent for Fox News. At 4pm Congressman Jim Jordan.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/10/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.09.17

On today’s show, Rich discussed Sally Yates’ testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Chris Murphy’s reluctant admission that there is no smoking gun linking Trump to Russia, a segregated commencement ceremony at Harvard, and Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/09/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.08.17

On this afternoon’s show, Rich discussed Trump’s nomination of 10 conservative judges to federal court positions, Bill Clinton and James Patterson teaming up to write a book, and a drunk driver who is suing the bars that sold him drinks. At 3:45pm William Christie, a former Marine infantry officer and author of “The Spy.” At 4:20pm Carrie Severino, chief counselor and policy director at Judicial Crisis Network. At 5pm Kelly Johnston, the former Secretary of the Senate.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/08/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.05.17

On today’s show, Rich discussed Delta’s apology to a family they threw off a plane earlier in the week, a report that the Obama administration gathered information on thousands of American’s during the lead up to the 2016 presidential election, and Democrat reaction to the AHCA passing in the House. At 4:15 Paul Kengor, author of “A Pope and a President.”

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/05/2017

Congressman Tom MacArthur: GOP Healthcare Bill Gives States More Flexibility

Congressman Tom MacArthur said giving states more flexibility with insurance is how he brokered a Republican coalition to pass a healthcare bill in the House of Representatives.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/04/2017

FCC Looking Into Colbert’s Joke About Trump, Putin

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says they are looking into Stephen Colbert’s lurid joke about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin after receiving complaints from viewers.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/04/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.04.17

On today’s show, Rich talked about the GOP’s American Health Care Act being passed in the House, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski announcing their engagement, and Delta Airlines threatening a family with prison time. At 4pm Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli. At 4:45pm FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. At 5pm Former US Navy Seal and Special Warfare Operator, Robert O’Neil. At 5:20pm Congressman Tom MacArthur.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/04/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05.03.17

On this afternoon’s show, Rich discussed FBI Director James Comey’s hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Rachel Maddow’s claims that Trump wants to kill the press, and Stephen Colbert’s controversial comments about President Trump. At 3:30pm columnist for Philadelphia Daily News, Stu Bykofsky, joined the show to discuss his new article “Inconvenience Story: How Philly is Attacking 7-11.” At 4:20pm author David Horowitz joined the show to discuss his new book, “Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America.”

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/03/2017

Zeoli Show Log 05-02-17

Today Rich talks Paul Ryan and there being no funding for Planned Parenthood in the budget reconciliation bill and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney chimes in about the possible Government shut-down. Rich talks with Daniel Horowitz, Senior Editor of Conservative Review about the omnibus being worse than people think. Rich discusses Stephen Colbert and his roast of President Trump on The Late Show, a young girl wanting to join the Boy Scouts and Amie Parnes, Senior White House Correspondent @TheHill and Co-author of the #1 New York Times best seller “Shattered” calls into the show and talk to Rich about Hilary Clinton and her campaign.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/02/2017

Zeoli Show Log 5-1-17

Rich talks about the response to spending bill that was announced today, what the looming possible Government shut down may mean, and a lot of seats in The House of Representatives are up for re-election soon, this may make things harder to get future bills passed. Rich also discussed the reaction to the budget compromise, Fox News’ Bill Shine resignation, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on their victory lap today and Ann Coulter shows up to The View.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/01/2017


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