3pm- Following yesterday’s terrorist attack in Manhattan, New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristoff opined that had the terrorist been able to acquire assault weapons in New York City, the death toll would have been higher; failing to acknowledge that the shooter was not from New York. Kristoff also suggested regulating truck rentals as a way to deter future acts of terrorism. 

3:20pm- While giving a speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Chuck Schumer questioned President Trump’s leadership and accused him of politicizing yesterday’s tragedy in New York. 

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3:25pm- Donald Trump stated that his administration is looking into ending the government’s diversity lottery program, as well as chain migration, and replacing the current system with a merit based immigration system. 

4pm- While appearing as a guest on MSNBC, Malcolm Nance stated that Islam was not responsible for Tuesday’s act of terrorism in New York.

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4:15pm- Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik joins the show to discuss yesterday’s terrorist attack in Manhattan. 

5:20pm- Papa John’s Founder/CEO John Schattner has blamed the NFL’s league wide protests for the reason why his company’s pizza sales are down. 

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