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Rich Zeoli

Rich Zeoli brings years of local political and communications experience to the Philadelphia airwaves for your drive home, weekdays 3-6pm.
  • Friday, January 20th
  • Coulter is nervous about Trump keeping his promises | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich interviews author Ann Coulter. They discussed her prediction about Trump winning the election. Also they discussed any concerns she may have
  • Christine Flowers Women's March hardly inclusive | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich talks with Christine Flowers about the Women's March . They discuss how the march is excluding Pro Life women
  • Thursday, January 19th
  • Maryland School District Employee, Fired After Correcting Student's Spelling on Twitter | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich spoke with Katie Nash, an employee of the Fredrick County Public School District that was fired for correcting a student's tweet.
  • Ask the Doctor | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich spoke to Dr. Mazz during Ask the Doctor regarding Tom Price's confirmation hearing, self-driving cars and more.
  • Protesters Trying to Get John Roberts Not to Administer the Oath of Office | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed protesters trying to stop Donald Trump from being sworn into office. 
  • Conserving America | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich spoke with University of Notre Dame Professor Patrick Deneen regarding his book Conserving America?.
  • Wednesday, January 18th
  • 5pm Hour | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Senators grilling President-Elect Donald Trump's appointees, Gov. Chris Christie insulting Eagles fans, hate cakes and President Obama pardoning a terrorist.
  • President Pardons a Terrorist | The Rich Zeoli

    Rich discussed President Obama commuting the sentence of Oscar Lopez Rivera.
  • Bernie Sanders Comes Out of Hiding to Grill Trump's Appointees | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Bernie Sanders questioning Donald Trump's appointees. 
  • How Trump Won | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich spoke with Breitbart's Senior Editor Joel Pollak regarding his new book How Trump Won.
  • Tuesday, January 17th
  • A Senator Fights DeVos With FIRE | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich spoke with FIRE co-founder Harvey Silverglate regarding his article, A Senator Fights DeVos With FIRE.
  • Did President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning to Get Julian Assange? | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed his theory behind President Obama commuting Chelsea Manning. 
  • President Obama Pardons Chelsea Manning | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich spoke with Charles 'Cully' Stimson, a Senior Legal Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, regarding President Obama commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence.
  • Harrisburg to Consider a 'User Fee' For Strip Clubs and Adult Entertainment in PA | The Rich Zeoli Show


    Rich discussed a possible 'user fee' coming to Pennsylvania.
  • Three Philly Representatives Skip Trump Inauguration | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed local Democrats joining in on the boycott of Donald Trump's inauguration.
  • Monday, January 16th
  • Money is Gross | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed the public health reasoning for a cashless society. 
  • Character Is What You Do When You Think No One Is Watching | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Congressmen boycotting the inauguration and deeming Donald Trump illegitimate.
  • Under Trump You Will See Democrats Care About Civil Liberties | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed the changing ways of the Democrats regarding civil liberties.

  • Joseph Rudy Rullo | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich spoke with Joseph Rudy Rullo regarding his campaign for Governor of New Jersey.
  • Springsteen Cover Band Backs Out of Inauguration | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed a Springsteen cover band pulling out of Trump's Inaguration festivities. 
  • Just Because Rep. John Lewis is a Civil Rights Icon, Doesn't Make Him Exempt to Criticism | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed why Rep. John Lewis shouldn't be exempt from critiques and criticism.
  • Friday, January 13th
  • A Montage Over 8 Years of the Media Gushing over Obama | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed the media's perception of President Obama throughout the years. 
  • The First Amendment isn’t Specific to Jim Acosta | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Donald Trump ignoring Jim Acosta during a press conference. 
  • Joe Biden Goes on The View | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Joe Biden's appearance on The View. 
  • Andrew Miltenberg | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich spoke with Attorney Andrew Miltenberg of NESENOFF & MILTENBERG LLP regarding his unique lawsuit against the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos' appointment in Trump's administration and more.
  • Rich's Tire Trouble | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich takes a break from the politics to chat about cars. 
  • Democrats Now Okay with Questioning the Legitimacy of the President | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Democrats questioning Donald Trump's abilities to effectively run the country. 
  • Thursday, January 12th
  • Senator Kamala Harris Asks CIA Pick About Climate Change | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Sen. Kamala Harris questioning Mike Pompeo on climate change. 
  • General Mattis Tackles Russia Hacking During Confirmation Hearing | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed the confirmation hearing for General Mattis. 
  • Wednesday, January 11th
  • Cory Booker grand stands against Jeff Sessions | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich takes a look at Cory Booker's testimony at the Jeff Sessions Hearing. He points out the hypocrisy of the testimony
  • Interview with David McCorkle, PFMA president and CEO | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich interviews  David McCorkle who is the  PFMA president and CEO. They discussed the soda tax and the effect it has on business
  • Kicking someone out of a press conference is not an attack on the First Amendment | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich looks at President-Elect Trump's press conference and if not answering CNN's question is an attack on the First Amendment
  • Tuesday, January 10th
  • Cory Booker Blessed and Honored to Work With Senator Sessions | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Cory Booker's flip flop stance on Jeff Sessions. 
  • Dylann Roof Gets Sentenced to Death for South Carolina Church Shooting | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Dylann Roof's sentencing for the South Carolina church shooting. 
  • Media Gushes Over U.S. Military Upping Presence in Europe for First Time Since Cold War | The Rich Zeoli

    Rich discussed the media's coverage regarding the increase of military presence in Europe. 
  • Democrats Attack Sessions at Confirmation Hearing | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed questions thrown at Jeff Sessions during his confirmation hearing.
  • Man Gets $128 Ticket for Warming up His Car -- in His Own Driveway | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed a man ticketed for warming up his car. 
  • Monday, January 9th
  • Meryl Streep Gets Political at the Golden Globes | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Meryl Streep's controversial speech.
  • New Jersey Law Grants Adoptees Access to Original Birth Records | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed a new law granting adoptees access to birth and medical records in New Jersey.  
  • Kelly Johnston | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich spoke with Kelly Johnston, Vice President of Government Affairs for the Campbell Soup Company, regarding Obamacare being dismantled by Congress.
  • The Elite Class Thinks Trump Voters Eat at Cracker Barrel and Shop at Walmart | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed how Donald Trump voters are the target of a new 'study'. 
  • Saturday, January 7th
  • #HideTheBible | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed how Democrats are still trying to prevent Donald Trump from entering the White House. 
  • Friday, January 6th
  • Soda Tax Impacting Local Business | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Mark O'Conner, owner of the Irish Pub, joins the show to talk about how the soda tax is impacting local business.
  • Reporters Politicize Rick Scott Presser After Airport Shooting | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Florida Governor Rick Scott address the shooting at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.
  • Trump's Inauguration | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Regional Press Secretary for the Trump Inauguration Madison Gesiotto calls in to discuss what we can expect on Inauguration Day.
  • Corzine's $5 million Fine | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Chief Editor of The New York Observer Ken Kurson joins the show to talk about why former NJ Governor Jon Corzine is being fined $5 million.
  • Barbera Backs the Badge | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Barbera Backs the Badge
  • Thursday, January 5th
  • YMCA Civic Engagement | Model United Nations | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich spoke with YMCA Civic Engagement's Alumni Advisor Morgan Roussos regarding the model United Nations program in Hershey, PA.
  • Congressional Hearings on Russia Hacking | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Congress meeting to discuss the Russia hacking on Capitol Hill. 
  • Parents of the Dresser Incident Dispel Claims that it Was Stage | The Rich Zeoli Show

    During Ask the Doctor, Rich and Dr. Mazz discussed the viral video of a 2 year-old saving his twin brother. 
  • The Hypocrisy in the Media Regarding the Facebook Live Assault | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed the assault of a mentally ill individual broadcast on Facebook.

  • Wednesday, January 4th
  • CBS This Morning Gushes Over Joe Biden | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed the love CBS This Morning has for Vice President Joe Biden. 
  • Megyn Kelly's Farewell to Her Fox Audience | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Megyn Kelly's departure from Fox News. 
  • Is the Video of the 2-Year-Old Saving His Brother After a Dresser Falls on Him Staged? | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed the facts surrounding the viral video of a young twin saving his brother. 
  • Taxing Soda Won't Be Enough...What Will Be Next? | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed listener's disapproval of the soda tax. 
  • Let’s Not Turn Russian Hackers into the Next WMDs | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed the media's coverage of the Russian hackers. 
  • Make America Sick Again | The Rich Zeoli

    Rich discussed the Democrats fight to keep Obamacare. 
  • Tuesday, January 3rd
  • Trump May Nominate a Conservative Woman to the Supreme Court | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Donald Trump's short list for the Supreme Court. 
  • Ford to Scrap Mexico Plant, Invest in Michigan; CEO Cites Trump Policies | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Ford's decision to expand in Michigan instead of Mexico. 
  • What Will Megyn Kelly's Job Be at NBC? | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Rich discussed Megyn Kelly leaving Fox News. 

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