By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A French restaurant in Philadelphia’s Queen Village neighborhood is bringing French cheese culture to the neighborhood next month.

November is Mont D’Or cheese dinner month at Bistrot La Minette.

“I want people to eat this dish and say, ‘oh my God, how have I been missing this my entire life,'” said chef Peter Woolsey. “Like, that it fills a hole they didn’t even know they had in them.”

Woolsey explains the $160 dinner is designed for four people around a wheel of Mont D’Or cheese.

“You take this whole wheel of cheese, scoop out a little bit in the center, pour in some white wine and throw it in the oven until it’s like this golden, molten, creamy fondue and it just gets spooned — like just ladeled!”

The cheese is served at the center of the table alongside potatoes, sausage and other garnishes.

“And you put the garnishes on your plate and then you spoon the cheese onto the garnishes on your plate and then you eat like that.”

Woolsey, who is married to a French woman, says cheese dinners are a big part of the French culture.

“This just harkens back to dinners I’ve had with my in-laws, and really it’s a great family experience.”

He describes the meal as Sunday family soul food.

“Part of what we like doing a Bistrot (la Minette) is bringing these pieces of French culture that are just not available to the US to the US!”

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