By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—Wristwatches are a staple of many people’s wardrobes– they have been for decades. But your watch may say more about you than you realize.

Pass by a stranger on the street and what’s the first thing you see?

“I think you notice appearance and clothes,” said Ryan Warnock of Philadelphia.

Jessica Barbosa added, “Shoes, definitely.”

What about the width to height ratio of their face? Science shows folks do take notice, perceiving people with wider faces as more intimidating, even menacing.

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“I would think it would be long faces. Bad guys always have long faces,” said Ryan McKeown of Philly.

A new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found the opposite was true when it came to products. From cars and clocks to wristband watches–the wider the face, the better.

But, why?

Researchers say that when people were put in situations where they wanted to be perceived as more dominant, they opted for a wider product design, which made them feel more in control.

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According to one report, the most popular time piece on Wall Street is about 44 millimeters wide: a rose gold Panerai Luminor 1950, valued at more than $28,000.

Researchers say these findings may be of interest to brand managers and product designers since a simple design feature can have a significant impact on how the product sells. And these days, it seems larger faced watches are very much on-trend.