3pm- Tonight, President Trump will address the nation and is expected to announce a troop surge in Afghanistan. 

3:05pm- Author and political commentator Dick Morris joins the show to discuss his new book, “Rogue Spooks: The Secret Intelligence Plot to Destroy Donald Trump.” 

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3:20pm- Following Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House, Breitbart has begun to post articles that increasingly disapprove of Donald Trump’s decisions— specifically his presumed troop surge in Afghanistan. 

3:35pm- According to an activist group, University of Southern California’s mascot, a white horse named Traveler, may be racist. 

4pm- A man in Colorado was stabbed in the hand after being mistaken for a neo-Nazi.

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4:30pm- While appearing on MSNBC, former DNC Chairman, and presidential candidate, Howard Dean stated that a vote for the Republican Party is a vote for racism. 

4:35pm- CNN host Brian Stelter stated that, when not on camera, TV commentators debate among themselves as to whether or not Donald Trump is legitimately racist and crazy. 

4:40pm- Former Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine said that Robert E. Lee’s statue in the Capital building should be replaced with a statue of Pocahontas. 

5:25pm- Comedian Sarah Silverman would like to see Columbus Day lose its status as a National Holiday. 

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5:30pm- Despite featuring NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, museum curators at The National Museum of African American History and Culture say they still have no plans for an exhibit honoring Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.