By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Schools and camps in our area are getting ready for the solar eclipse.

Rocky Run YMCA in Media, Delaware County offers a traditional outdoor summer camp with more than 300 kids participating each week.

But on Monday it will be anything but a traditional day of ordinary activities.

Seven-year-old Griffin will be among the hundreds of other kids at camp marveling at the rare solar eclipse.

Katie Duffus is the executive director here,  and they’ve got plenty of activities scheduled throughout the day.

Camp directors are making sure everyone protects themselves especially their eyes.  That means having the proper eyewear.

Pennsylvania School District Won’t Let Children Outside For Recess During Solar Eclipse

“The sun’s rays are strong enough to potentially cause permanent damage to the retina if people stare directly at the sun and for children in particular because they may not understand or be able to fully appreciate those risks,” said Dr. Russell Van Gelder, American Academy of Opthamology spokesperson.

Directors at the Christian Street YMCA in Philadelphia had already planned to keep the kids inside because they didn’t have the protective eyewear needed. Now they do thanks to a pair CBS3 solar eclipse glasses.