3pm- The Supreme Court unanimously agreed to reinstate parts of President Trump’s travel restriction executive order. The court will hear the case in October.

3:20pm- According to wide spread speculation, Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy could be announcing his retirement in the not too distant future. Kennedy is 80 years old. 

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3:35pm- A 14 year old girl fell 25 feet from a Six Flags’ ride. She was caught by bystanders on the ground. Police have blamed the fall on the the girl’s actions. 

3:40pm- On Twitter, Rob Reiner called for an “all out war” in an effort to resist Trump’s presidency and save democracy. 

4pm- David Cortman, from the Alliance of Defending Freedom, joins the show to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of religious freedom in Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer.

4:10pm- Sen. Bernie Sanders and his wife are under FBI investigation for bank fraud stemming from a 2010 bank loan. 

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4:15pm- On Sunday’s episode of Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd failed to ask Bernie Sanders any questions about the FBI investigation he and his wife are currently the subjects of.

4:30pm- After studying the proposed Senate Republican Healthcare Bill, the Congressional Budget Office issued a report estimating that, if passed, between 15 and 22 million fewer people would have healthcare coverage over the next decade. 

4:50pm- In response to today’s Supreme Court decision on Trump’s travel executive order, Sen. Mazie Hirono called Justice’s Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas the three horseman of the apocalypse.

5:35pm- Today, Donald Trump met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House. 

5:50pm- The View’s Whoopi Goldberg thinks that abortion is mentioned in the constitution.

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