By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pedro Martinez would look to go back to Game 6 of the 2009 World Series.

So would we, Pedro. So would we.

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Martinez, during a Twitter Q & A on the MLB Network, explained why he would like to have that devastating loss to the Yankees back.

“I would love to go to Game 6. It was my last game in the big leagues, in the World Series for Philadelphia,” said Martinez. “I would love to actually have the opportunity to go back and pitch that game because I was so sick that day. Everybody was in our clubhouse, but I got it late right after the first game [Game 2] I pitched in Yankee Stadium.


“I was so sick, I couldn’t even — I wasn’t supposed to pitch, but I chose to go out there — macho, just like you said, adrenaline and all that. That was my last legit chance to be a National League World Series champ.”

Martinez pitched just four innings allowing four runs, four hits, two walks and a homer. The Phillies lost 7-3 and the Yankees won the World Series.

We still think about it too, Pedro.

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