3pm- While appearing as a guest on CNN’S State of the Union, Sen. Lindsey Graham said he does not trust a Washington Post story suggesting Jared Kushner illegally colluded with Russia.

3:10pm- Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly stated that it is not unusual for an administration to have a back channel with Russia.

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3:35pm- While on MSNBC with host Stephanie Rhule, Naveed Jamali, an analyst, insisted that Jared Kushner is a Russian agent.

3:50pm- Addressing claims of Kushner/Russia ties, Charles Krauthammer said that he didn’t trust the credibility of the story and questioned whether or not it would be a crime even if it were proven to be true.

4pm- Did ESPN airbrush Tiger Woods’ mugshot?

4:05pm- A Denver Post columnist was fired after making a controversial comment on Twitter following Takuma Sato’s Indianapolis 500 victory. 

4:15pm- Facebook has apologized after mistakenly banning tributes to Tiananmen Square.

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4:35pm- Speaking with the Australian Broadcast Corporation, Sen. John McCain said that he believes that Russia is a greater threat to the U.S. than ISIS. 

5pm- Rep. Maxine Waters has become a hero of the left following her strong, public criticisms of President Donald Trump. However, it wasn’t long ago that Waters was selected as one of the country’s most corrupt politicians. 

5:10pm- While being interviewed by Chris Cuomo on CNN’s New Day, former Director of National Security James Clapper stated that he had never seen any evidence of Trump/Russia collusion. 

5:20pm- Comedian Artie Lange joins the show to talk about his HBO series Crashing and his upcoming show at the Borgata.

5:45pm- Rep. Nancy Pelosi criticized President Trump for not visiting countries in alphabetical order during his recent trip to Europe and the Middle East.

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6pm- During her commencement speech at Wellesley College, Hillary Clinton experienced a coughing fit.