PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Another instance of vandalism has been discovered in the city’s Northern Liberties section and police believe it may be tied to an anarchist group.

Grafitti was discovered, Saturday, on a mural on the 1000 block of North 2nd St.

Officials believe it is left behind by the group “Summer of Rage”.

Credit: CBS3

‘Gentrification Is Death’: High-End Cars, Properties Targeted By Vandals In Philly

Last week, police believe the group stormed the city  leaving over $100,000 dollars in damages.

During the incident, police say 30 to 50 people smashed their way through North 2nd and North Phillip Streets.

Residents like Amberlynne say they left a banner that said, “Gentrification is Death and Revolt is Life.”

They stormed the city last week leaving over 100-thousand dollars in damages