‘Gentrification Is Death’: High-End Cars, Properties Targeted By Vandals In Philly

By Tim Jimenez, Pat Loeb and Joe Holden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An anarchist group stormed through a neighborhood in the North Philadelphia section of the city last night leaving behind shattered glass, spray-painted buildings and an estimated $100,000 in damages.

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Thirty to 50 people smashed their way through North 2nd and North Phillip Streets.  Police say they’re part of the group “Summer of Rage.”

Residents like Amberlynne say they left a banner that said, “Gentrification is Death and Revolt is Life.”

Chief Inspector Scott Small says the vandals came in around 9 p.m. Monday, and in a three block radius, they smashed windows, ripped off surveillance cameras and splashed paint on walls.

“It appears the rental properties that were vandalized are relatively new. Many of the vehicles were high end, newer model vehicles,” Small said.

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Patricia Monahan, 28, of Philadelphia, and Geoffrey Suchocki, 45, of Doylestown, were arrested and are facing charges including causing and risking a catastrophe.

Council president Darrell Clarke says he has been concerned about gentrification in his district. While welcoming newcomers, Clarke has sought ways to protect long-time residents from displacement. There are solutions, he says.

“Vandalism is not the answer. Period.”

Police are still exploring motives but public affair Captain Sekou Kinebrew is not buying this incident as protest.

“It’s certainly not a constitutionally protected way of protesting, at all. So out of respect to legitimate protesters, I wouldn’t call this a protest.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney adds, “They’re criminals and they’ll be arrested.”

Kenney says there is no justification for that type of mindless destruction.

“There are ways in which you can address these issues of gentrification, of unfairness or injustice but it’s not by violence, ever.”

There is no clear connection to a Monday morning fire at 20th and Wharton that damaged a new development in an area where residents have long complained about gentrification.

The owner, Ori Feibush, says agents from Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are investigating, along with fire officials.


One Comment

  1. Jeff Johnson says:

    If Gentrification must be resisted, in some cases with violence, I must ask, where were these people when Philadelphia went from 99% White to 40% White. Only specific neighborhoods interest them? If so, perhaps they should look at a few. By the way, I’m not sure the best word to describe what has happened to Philadelphia is ‘gentrification’.

  2. Grizz Mann says:

    That is a Democrat run town, isn’t it?

    1. You got that part, Buddy! We’re too soft on crimes and it’s time to get tough on crimes but that won’t happen as long as Mayor Dumbo Kenney and the rest of those weak-mined followers who worship Dumbo as their Idol. Sad, isn’t it?

  3. Ray Williams says:

    The completion of the socialist revolution within national limits is unthinkable. Trotsky

    These communists will never be happy,. First it was “Urban Blight”, nOw it’s “Gentrification”. At some point we must deal with these people with force.

  4. Tobias Keith says:

    As soon as they step on private property and start destroying they are trespassing. Do you East Coasters understand now why firearms are a necessary part of life? Get one and learn how to use it. If you are a free citizen of the United State, you have the right to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

    1. Ray Williams says:

      If you think this is an East Coast problem, you are a bigger idiot than the aholes who did this. Every city in America is corrupted with Communist politicians.

      1. Robert F. Schaffer says:

        I think it’s a good idea and I’m considering in getting a gun and learn to how to shoot. Police won’t do anything about it and that leave us defenseless. By the way, I have though about it for a while since the tire were slashed back July 4,2014 and still doing it. Thank you for the advice.

  5. Doug Day says:

    Love those Obama/Clinton voters.

  6. Tom Thomason says:

    When one decides that it’s too much trouble to be a contributing member of society, this is what they do.

  7. Shoot them in the face, then hang their bodies from corner lamp posts with a sign around their neck as a warning. It was pretty effective in the past and very european.

  8. Well, this is the misplaced rage that occurs when Literary Studies majors (known fondly as ‘study hall’) can’t find work and blame others.

  9. Gentrification is what we need to remove the thug element from nice areas. It’s time to boot blacks and liberals out, and reclaim these neighborhoods.

  10. What do you expect when even the head of the DNC gives curse laden speeches in front of communists who later go riot and burn? This is only going to get worse.
    Yet the RNC says nothing, does nothing and counters nothing. As usual.

  11. Someone should vandalize these two clowns.

  12. Liberals at their best. Congratulations.

  13. David Alster says:

    The left eating their own. Millennials angry at their parents.

  14. David Alster says:

    The left eating the left. Millennials angry at their parents.

  15. Eagle in NYC says:

    Soros’s fascist Fedayeen are not even from the neighborhood–boo hooing “gentrification” as they are.

    Too bad they don’t climb over billionaire’s Soros’s wall to vandalize his luxury limousines and his mansion.

    These are Marxists. They are all Marxists. Anarchists, fascists, communists, socialists, “Not in my name”, “Code Pink”, “Occupy Wall Street”, and all the other violent thugs, usually dressed in black with hoodies and masks covering their faces. Whether they’re violently attacking homes and businesses as they did here, or violently attacking G8 or IMF conferences, or violently attacking Republicans, conservatives, or Trump supporters.

    They’re all misanthropic, paid mommy’s-basement-dwelling hoodie boys under the direction of the same Marxist cabal, and paid for by George Soros.

    And the sanctuary Marxist city governments don’t do squat to protect their tax-paying citizens.

    But there’s only so much the people will take before they finally rise up and revolt against the Marxists, Soros, the far-Left Democrat Party, the enabling media and academia, and The Beast–the deep state governmental bureaucracy. The only question is when.

  16. Jack Riley says:

    liberal ideology.

  17. timefortrump says:

    Shoot to kill if caught in the act – then a “life of revolt” won’t be so cool

  18. timefortrump says:

    One from Doylestown? Really – the median income in Doylestown is like $100k – that waste of space probably came from a pretty well off family

  19. svede says:

    Time to bring back the public pillory. . .

  20. Jim Franklin says:

    Learn to “hide your money”. There was a old SNL skit commercial where they showed a pos looking car that crooks walked right pass. Actually it was a luxury car but showed even way back then its not a good idea to flaunt your money. Those days are over unless you live in a wealthy pocket. Then you have to deal with the mid/up class oxy addicts.

    1. I drive a 12 year old car. When you get out of a late model, high end car, you look like a walking ATM to the criminals.

  21. Dollars to doughnuts they’re Soros-funded thugs. Keep voting Democrat, folks. This is what that party’s become.

  22. Paul Lockyer says:

    Maybe they were still mad at Drew Pearson.

  23. “A group of 20 or 30 people”. Old, young, black, white?????? Hmmmm. Read “White Girl Bleed Alot”, it will shed some light on these type of incidences which have been occurring throughout our country for the past several years.

  24. It appears they’re targeting the elites who intend to displace them while leaving them little hope of a better life.

    1. Agree! There’s also another group of idiots who target poor or middle class people by vandalize their properties.

  25. This is costing the owners a great deal of unnecessary expenses and is nothing to laugh about it. This need a stronger law to put them in jail and make them pay for the damages. P.S. I have a neighbor who’s old enough to know better, has three kids and a wife work as a 7th grade in a Catholic school who vandalized our property and cars yet the 8th Police District won’t do anything about it.

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