PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The city of Philadelphia had been in the national spotlight as it hosts the 2017 NFL Draft.

On Thursday night, it shared a bit of that spotlight with few high school football players.

“Walking out there it was just amazing seeing all those people the faces the lights. It was all surreal,” said running back Brian Lancaster with the Martin Luther King High School football team.

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About a half-dozen players from the school’s football team are still pinching themselves over Thursday night’s experience. They got to go up on the draft stage as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the Philadelphia Eagles first-round draft pick.

“The biggest thing I can say is it was a blessing. There are so many public schools in Philadelphia but they chose us,” added Lancaster.

The chosen high school players say they won’t take the experience for granted.

“It made me realize you have to work hard to get somewhere important, as in school work you really have to work hard in school to get where you need to go. If I want to go to the NFL I have to work hard,” said high school defensive tackle Mike Samuels.

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One of the team’s wide receivers, Miles Jones, said it all made him want to get back up on the stage again one day.

“When we first got there it was humbling and it made me want to go harder every time we play,” said Jones.