3pm- Donald Trump continues to struggle with his approval rating but are the polls accurate? 

3:20pm- President Donald Trump referred to North Korea as a “real threat.”

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3:25pm- During an appearance on TODAY, Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said that the U.S. is not looking for a fight with North Korea and is hoping Kim Jong Un doesn’t force the U.S. to take military action.

3:35pm- On Meet the Press, Rep. Nancy Peolsi said there is room in the Democrat party for people who are pro life.

3:40pm- On Face the Nation, Sen. Bernie Sanders said that the current model of the Democrat party is failing.

3:50pm- 39,000 hotel rooms are expected to be filled in Philadelphia during this week’s NFL Draft. 

4:05pm- President Trump continues to target and repeal overbearing regulations.

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4:10pm- Bill Maher claims that students at U.C. Berkeley are acting like babies for protesting Ann Coulter’s speech on campus. 

4:15pm- On a recent episode of The Simpsons, the show mocked overly sensitive college students and social justice warriors. 

4:20pm- Mumia Abdul Jamal, a convicted cop killer, is attempting to appeal his sentence.

4:50pm- 22 people were arrested at “pot party” in Frankford on Saturday night. 

5:15pm- Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean claims that hate speech is not protected by the 1st Amendment. 

5:25pm- Donald Trump says that he doesn’t watch MSNBC’s Morning Joe

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5:40pm- Bill Nye the Science Guy attacked CNN for allowing a climate change skeptic to speak on TV.