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By Alicia Nieves

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS)–On a hot spring day, parks in Wilmington are typically packed with kids but not lately.

“People don’t want to be out, without their kids right next to them,” said Kenneth Sanders of Newport.

Sanders is one of the many parents in New Castle County on edge, now that a child predator is on the loose.

Last Thursday night a 4-year-old girl was abducted outside her home in Pike Creek.

She was found alone hours later in Wilmington near Banning Park. Police said she was sexually assaulted.

At a news conference on Friday police said finding the child predator is now their highest priority.

Cops: ‘Heartless Monster’ Abducted 4-Year-Old Girl, Sexually Assaulted Her

“Nothing would do me greater, than to have him in handcuffs,” said Col. Vaughn Bond with New Castle County Police.

However, while a child predator is still somewhere in the streets, kid are noticeably absent.

“It’s actually pretty scary because I have a four-year-old daughter, said Chris Bennett.

Bennett lives just one block away from where the girl was abducted.

The ordeal had him, this weekend, practicing how to use his gun at the firing range.

“I just want to make sure my family is protected,” added Bennett.

Now like many neighbors, Bennett plans on putting surveillance cameras in front of his home.

While those who already have them, are sharing the footage from Thursday night with police.

Hoping it help catch the man that terrorized a little girl and is still terrorizing this community.

At this point in the investigation police still only have a vague description of the man who abducted and sexually assaulted the four-year-old. Authorities describe him as a white or Hispanic man with dark hair, who was driving a dark sedan with tinted windows.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact New Castle County Police at 302-573-2800.


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