PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Several candidates running to be the next District Attorney of Philadelphia are also weighing-in on the criminal charges against Seth Williams.

It’s a packed ballot as seven Democrats and a sole Republican seek to become the next chief law enforcement officer for the City of Philadelphia.

A title that will require some repair as the extent of alleged corruption at the hands of current District Attorney Seth Williams was made public through charges.

“I expected some of the bribery pay to play and corruption stuff but not the nursing home fraud, that was really disturbing,” said Democratic candidate, Rich Negrin.

Fellow Democratic candidate, Michael Untermeyer said in a statement:

“Seth Williams ran on reforming the criminal justice system. Though there has been some movement in that direction, Philadelphia still has one of the most dysfunctional criminal justice systems in the country.”

Kenney: Philly DA ‘Should Resign’ Following Corruption Charges

Republican Beth Grossman  says that the office not only requires new leadership but a different brand of it.

“When you have a one party system it really leads to, sadly, to complacency and corruption and the fact that it has found its way into the district attorney’s office is just truly shocking to me,” she said.

Democratic candidate, Joe Khan says, “It’s just very sad for this city in light of what has happened with our attorney general and now our district attorney who is now under indictment by a grand justly and its time for the city to have new leadership and I call for Seth Williams to resign immediately.

Former first assistant district attorney and now candidate Tariq El-Shabazz said in a statement:

“I offer my support and gratitude to the hard-working men and women at the district attorney’s office who, I know, will continue to fight for justice on behalf of the citizens of Philadelphia through this difficult time.”

On Twitter candidate Larry Krasner, too also urged resignation.

Williams grew up in Philadelphia and served as student president of Pennsylvania State University. He also teaches at a law school and serves in the National Guard.

He will be arraigned in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia on Wednesday at 2 p.m.


Alexandria Hoff