3pm- President Trump has directed the EPA to look into rolling back Barack Obama’s Clean Water Act.

3:30pm- While in Melbourne, Florida, Donald Trump said he wanted the U.S. to start winning wars again. 

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4pm- Keith Olbermann says its time for a grand jury to investigate the Trump administrations ties to Russia. 

4:10pm- Last night on Facebook Live, Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye the Science Guy sat down to discuss climate change. 

4:20pm- Darpana M. Sheth, Senior Attorney for The Institute for Justice, joins the show to discuss civil asset forfeiture. 

4:30pm- Jonathon Wood, staff attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation, calls in to talk about overbearing EPA regulations.

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5pm- W James Antle III, Politics Editor for the Washington Examiner, checked in to preview tonight’s Presidential address. 

5:15pm- Rep. Maxine Waters gets confused during an interview and snaps at an MSNBC anchor.

5:20pm- Does everyone have a Constitutional right to use Facebook?

5:50pm- Twitter outrage followed after the release of a photo showing Kellyanne Conway with her feet on a couch in the oval office. 

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