PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On Thursday, Eagles great Donovan McNabb called into Carlin and Reese.

McNabb was a franchise cornerstone for the Eagles, providing the team with the stability necessary to add pieces around him and not worry about the quarterback position. The Eagles are hoping they are in a similar position with Carson Wentz and McNabb weighed in.

So, is Wentz a franchise quarterback? “That’s the term that makes me quiver sometimes, because it’s used loosely,” McNabb said. “You just don’t know if you have that franchise quarterback.”

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McNabb cautioned that you have to be patient with young guys. He cited the rise and fall of Nick Foles in Philadelphia.

“I think with Carson at this point, just be Carson and I think the fans need to just allow him to be himself,” McNabb said. “He’s going to go through some ups and downs.”

McNabb said for the time being, the Eagles have a quarterback in Wentz who is a starter that they can build around and that it would take a few seasons to know if he’s a franchise guy.

After sharing his take on Wentz, McNabb weighed in on a former teammate of his…Terrell Owens. Should T.O. be in the hall?

“Yeah,” McNabb said. “He’s a Hall of Fame talent.”

The McNabb-Owens tenure was a short lived and contentious one, but it didn’t stop McNabb from admitting that Owens belonged in the hall. He did pose a question:

“He should be in, but at some point you have to ask yourself, why.” McNabb added that eventually, Owens will get in, but his advice to Owens, “just let it go bro. Just chill.” McNabb said that referencing Owens bringing up the fact that he is not yet in. “Stop talking about it and just allow it to happen.”