By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—With Valentine’s Day behind us it’s time to focus on one thing: Peeps Oreos.

A representative for Oreo tells People that the new flavor is already available in grocery stores nationwide, while others have a Feb. 22 delivery date.

The cookie features two golden cookies with a pink marshmallow Peep.

They reportedly retail for $4.49.

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With two months until Easter and about a week away from Fat Tuesday, stores are stocking up for the spring season.

Eyewitness News asked some folks outside of Sassafrass Market in Old City, Philadelphia, about what tops their candy shopping list.

“Reeses’ peanut butter eggs,” said Stacey Midge of Schenectedy, New York.

“Anything chocolate,” added Jennifer Louis-Jacques of Old City.

Fellow Old City resident, Matt Hilbert chimed in, “The peeps, yes!”

Ah, the local favorite that now comes with a high profile collaboration of Peeps Oreos.

“I would definitely give it a try,” said Jonathan Vanderbeck, in town from Schenectedy, New York.

But, pink-peep flavored cream sandwiched between two of Oreo’s vanilla wafers didn’t tantalize everyone’s taste buds.

“The idea of oreos and peeps mixed together is appalling,” said Midge. To purists of the confectionery kind, these combinations are considered unnecessary, if not unsavory.

“I like my traditional run of the mill type of cookies,” explained Louis-Jacques. “Old school and stick with what works,” added Hilbert.

Still, that doesn’t stop iconic brands from branching out. Take Cadbury Eggs, for instance.

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They recently released “eggcellent” news of eggs filled with crème of “crushed Oreos.” And there’s plenty of hype over a leaked target ad, featuring a new vanilla cupcake version of M&M’s.

“Yeah, they sounds great,” said Vanderbeck.

Hilbert countered, “There again, how can you beat the original M&M’s?”

But, maybe that’s not the point?

In a statement released to Eyewitness News, Oreo writes, “The brand has and will continue to introduce flavors, both every day (such as Chocolate, Lemon, Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, etc. that you can always get) and limited edition (such as the PEEPS collaboration) under its Wonder Vault platform. While there’s nothing like an original OREO cookie, especially one dunked in milk, both new flavors and new creations, such as the new Milka OREO Chocolate Candy Bar, are ways for the iconic brand to continue to innovate in order to surprise and delight its fans.”