By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Calling out sick can be a difficult call to make.

“I really don’t want to,” said Michelle Hayward of West Philadelphia. “It is uncomfortable, there’s a lot going on,” added Felicia LaPoole, in town from Atlanta, Georgia.

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Ray Lockard of South Jersey said, “I think a lot of times people feel they can gut it out and go in.”

Others fear their employer won’t believe them.

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“There are two days you don’t call out: on a Monday and Friday. Even if you are sick,” said LaPoole.

“At the end of the day, we really have to take care of ourselves,” said Dr. Jennifer Caudle, a family physician and assistant Rowan University professor. She says there are five sure-fire signs you should stay home, beginning with fever. “Your body is actively fighting an infection, it means it’s working hard to keep you as healthy as possible.”

Vomiting and diarrhea are also deal breakers…from spreading infectious particles to spending too much time away from the job.

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“It’s very hard to go to work or school when you have to be in the bathroom every hour,” said Dr. Caudle.

Pink eye is also extremely contagious. “Even touching a door knob, using a pencil that someone with pink eye has can transmit the illness.”

Stay home if you experience other severe symptoms like abdominal pain or dizziness and consider how medication may interfere with your ability to execute.

So, what if a co-worker comes in sick?

“Don’t come near me. Proceed with caution,” said Hayward.

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It suggested to avoid communal areas and skip the snack table, being sure to never share utensils.

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“The idea is limiting contact. That’s very important,” said Caudle.