By Kate Bilo

CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — A group of students from Chester Community Charter School is taking their love of Legos to new heights.

The students just won awards at a robot building competition. It’s playing with Legos, taken to a new level.

The group of students are known as the Bionic Beasts. They just won big at the regional “First Lego League,” competition. They took home first place in robot performance and 2nd overall for mechanical design.

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This year’s theme for the competition: Animal Allies.

“Our direction was identify a problem that happens between animals and humans when they interact, identify your problem and then solve it,” said 8th grade science teacher Dan Aulisio.

Their award winning project focused on a playhouse for cats and so far, the project is working. And of course, the students enjoy building with Legos. Who wouldn’t?

Being a part of this science team is a great learning experience. “What also drew me is the engineering part because my goal here is to build a robot and I built this robot from scratch and when he said we’re going to use it, I was so happy. I was like ‘my baby’s going to be used'” said 8th grader Amanda Lopez Corcino.

“Working with them, you realize that once they’re shown how to do something they could go on their own and be able to solve it,” said 8th grader Diamond Carter.

The team now moves on to the regional championships at the University of Pennsylvania. Teams from all across the area will compete.


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