By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The snow expected to hit our region is not expected to be a major snow storm, officials say, but more of a nuisance snowstorm.

Nuisance or not, our region is preparing for the first snowfall of the season.

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Camden County has 70 snow trucks at the ready, filled with salt and standing by to cover some 1400 miles of roadways.

The Philly Streets Department is ready too. Salt trucks are overflowing, but you won’t notice plows attached to these trucks. Officials say this will not be a plowing event, but just a salting event. They add that the expected amount of 1-2 inches of snow will not be enough to push or plow.

Further south and east, totals could push past the 2 inch mark. That is why the borough of Bellmawr has their fleet prepped with plows.

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Crews throughout the region will be ready to battle whatever Mother Nature throws our way. Officials tell Eyewitness News that the salt trucks will begin to salt the roads as soon as the snow starts falling.

While plows and trucks are getting ready, residents are preparing too, but many folks don’t seem to be too worried.

We asked one woman what she was doing to prepare for the snow. “I’m eating at the diner,” she said. That’s it.

No one seemed too concerned about Mother Nature’s plans for our area. “People go crazy. They have to run out to the store and get 10 loaves of bread,” said Anthony Bannister.

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“I would like to look out the window tomorrow, see the snow on the ground and then an hour later, I want to see that it all melted,” said Sylvia Mellor.