HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — A bill that would give the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission more tools to go after chronic toll violators is now on its way to Governor Wolf’s desk. A spokesman says the governor is reviewing the legislation.

The bill was given final approval by the House Wednesday but not everyone is happy with it. Philadelphia Democrat Bill Keller views it in the context of moving toward all-electronic tolling.

“We should have some protection for the workers that will be displaced at the toll booths when all-electronic tolling comes through,” Keller said.

But Keller says language to protect those workers was taken out of the bill. Electronic tolling without gates has made it easier for cheaters.

The bill would allow PennDOT to suspend registrations of repeat violators and would allow the Turnpike Commission to work with other tolling agencies to pursue out-of-state violators.

On Tuesday, the Commission released data showing that the top 24 commercial violators owe more than one and a half-million dollars in unpaid tolls and fees. One firm alone owes almost $700,000.