3pm- Michelle Obama visited Philadelphia today in an effort to campaign on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

3:05pm- While being interviewed by Steve Harvey, President Obama stated that a vote for a third party candidate would be a vote for Donald Trump. 

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3:10pm- During Monday nights debate, Hillary Clinton claimed that everyone suffers from implicit bias.

3:20pm- Bernie Sanders joined Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in New Hampshire and discussed the importance of free college tuition for students from working class families.

3:45pm- For the first time in his presidency, Barack Obama saw Congress override his veto. The override protects legislation that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia who is suspected of aiding terrorists. 

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3:55pm- Video games may be preventing adults from getting jobs.

4:30pm- Vice President Joe Biden attacks Donald Trump over claims that he hasn’t paid his fair share in taxes.

5pm- Amazon is being accused of removing negative reviews associated with Hillary Clinton’s book.

5:40pm- The world’s first baby with the DNA of three parents was born. The procedure has not been yet been approved in the U.S.

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6pm- Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, Rob Gleason, joins the show to breakdown the Senate race between Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty.