PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Conservative writer Ann Coulter alleged that US policies wrongly prioritize poor and uneducated immigrants at the expense of individuals who would provide a greater contribution to American society.

Coulter, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said immigration practices should operate similarly to the higher education system.

“Do they have to start setting bombs as they’re walking off the gangplank for liberals to admit that, perhaps, we’re not going out of our way to admit the right immigrants? We’re not even trying to…Immigration is a government policy like any other. It ought to be used to better the lives of the people who already live here. We ought to be choosing immigrants the way Harvard College does admissions, the way the McDonalds basketball crew, the way they pick out their players. Everybody can try out, we take the top five.”

She charged that accepting displaced refugees from war torn countries like Syria crowds out highly educated individuals from the immigration process.

“The more backward the culture is, the more likely to not work out and not assimilate, no, they go to the front of the line, while we’re blocking nuclear scientists from Denmark and Scottish mathematicians. No, no. No room for you, we’re full on refugees.”

She also accused business owners and Government leaders of deliberately manipulating policies to benefit themselves.

“No one has a Constitutional right to live here, much less the seven billion people in the rest of the world. It’s not so much that everyone has a right to come here, apparently, our immigration policy does not want to get people who would compete against Senators, Governors, Wall Street Journal editorial writers. No, they want people to come in and compete with their gardeners, to come in and compete with their employees.”

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