By Pat Loeb

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia will turn in to “the city that never sleeps” during the Democratic National Convention.

Special “national event permits,” allowing liquor sales after 2 a.m. will be issued and the application will be available online beginning today.

But getting one will be tricky.

Bars, restaurants and other venues that are hosting events specifically for convention visitors can apply through the Host Committee website.

Spokesman Jordan Schwartz says they’ll go through two layers of approval.

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“We will decide whether they actually are convention-related events and we’ll provide a list to the Liquor Control Board of those events that are approved by the host committee and the city of Philadelphia.”

The city will be making sure the permits won’t result in sleepless nights for nearby residents.

Schwartz says approval will take a couple of business days so the deadline for applying will be early next week.