DNC Host Committee Making HistoryThe Library of Congress will archive the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee's website and social channels.
Zeoli Show Log 08.10.16Rich discussed the firestorm surrounding Donald Trump's 2nd Amendment comments, the latest regarding Hillary Clinton's email scandal and the death of a DNC staffer. He also discussed a newlywed choosing to honeymoon with his honey, Clinton's attack on Donald Trump during a rally and a man scaling the side of Trump tower.
Zeoli Show Log 08.02.16Rich discussed President Obama's comments about Trump being unfit, the issue with flossing and the border patrol website offering advice on escaping border patrol. He also discussed Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton the devil, Trump encouraging companies to leave the U.S. and the latest from Julian Assange about material concerning Hillary Clinton. Rich spoke with Gov. Ed Rendell at 4:30pm.
DNC Impact On Philadelphia Region's EconomyA travel industry group says Philadelphia is likely to get a nice economic bounce.
Zeoli Show Log 07.29.16Rich discussed the DNC, Hillary Clinton's speech, and Donald Trump's first press conference since Clinton's speech. He also discussed Chuck Todd and Ex-Obama Advisor Axelrod's critique of Clinton's speech, Bernie Sanders' face during the DNC and more. Rich spoke with Mara Reinstein of US Weekly at 4:30pm.
Former NJ Governor Wants To Change State's Image During DNCPolitical conventions are, by their very nature, an opportunity for past leaders to step forward with their advice and counsel. Not to mention just being part of the action again. Such is the case this week for a former New Jersey Governor and onetime Camden County congressman.
Jerry Springer Offers 'Final Thought' On DNC UnitySenator Bernie Sanders urged his supporters to rally around Hillary Clinton for president. One high-profile political watcher spoke about whether that was possible.
Day One Of DNC Featured Multiple Speakers, Multiple IssuesThe theme of the first day of the Democratic National Convention was "Putting Families First," with speakers touching on a wide range of topics.
Protesters Take To The Streets Despite The HeatThousands of demonstrators braved the blazing heat and humidity for a march down Broad Street to FDR Park.
DNC Holds First Daily Convention Press MeetingThe DNC held its first daily press meeting Monday morning, and it comes on the heels of Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz announcing she is stepping down after a series of emails indicated she tried to cast suspicion on the Bernie Sanders campaign.
Bernie Delegates Contemplate Convention DisruptionA large chunk of Bernie Sanders delegates may have inside seats at the DNC on a sweltering day, but they feel left out in the cold.
Democratic Party Members, Leaders Speak On Unity At PA Delegate BreakfastThe buzz at the Pennsylvania delegation breakfast: will Bernie Sanders supporters back Hillary Clinton?

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