Security Closures Begin With DNC On MondayPolice officers stationed on corners and driveways chained off are par for the course in South Philadelphia's Sports Complex community.
Villanova University Professor Looks Back As We Look Ahead To NovemberCommunications professor Doctor Len Shyles said the unfavorable ratings of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have not been seen in decades.
Philadelphia Is A 'No Drone Zone' During DNC The "no fly zone" in place during the DNC doesn't only apply to airplanes.
A Special Day For Kids During DNCCouncilman Bobby Henon is sure that parents bringing children to the Convention will make a point to take them to the historic sites, but what would the children want to do?
Local Leaders Expected To Speak During DNC... BrieflyA speechwriter is honing their message down to a minute or two, each. Desmond wants to emphasize the good going forward.
The Dems Bring The Heat For DNCCity and health officials are prepared for whatever will happen this week, including the heat.
Residents Plan And Prepare For How The DNC Will Affect Their Commute Today starts all perimeter barriers in South Philadelphia, around Broad Street, creating a little bit of a mess in the area neighborhood known as Packer Park.
Philly Unveils Patriotic-Themed Scrims At Center City Construction SitesThe scrims, which are basically banners tied to the outside of construction fences, feature quotes from Presidents past.
DNC Delegates Start To Arrive In City Of Brotherly LoveDNC Delegates are starting to arrive in Philadelphia this weekend.
Trump To Visit Pennsylvania, In Middle Of DNCDonald Trump will visit Pennsylvania next week in the middle of the Democratic National Convention.
Political Scandals Linger As Philly Readies For DNCThe city's streets are freshly swept and the hotel rooms are pristine. Tougher to clean up and shine, however, is the state's political image, tarnished by recent political corruption cases that have implicated many Democrats across the state.
Hotel Staffs In Center City Brace For Flood Of DelegatesThe Democratic National Convention begins Monday, but some of the delegates have come to Philadelphia a little early.

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