3pm- President Obama becomes the 1st U.S. President to visit Cuba in 88 years.

3:10pm- Raul Castro was asked who he would vote for, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? He answered “I can not vote in the United States.”

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3:20pm- Donald Trump accuses Castro of snubbing President of Obama for not meeting him at the airport upon his arrival. 

3:50pm- A fight broke out between an Easter Bunny and shoppers at a NJ mall.

4:35pm- ESPN deletes a tweet praising Fidel Castro for his love of sports.

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4:45pm- Ben Affleck won’t let hhis 4 year old son see “Batman vs Superman.”

5:10pm- New Jersey may offer celebrities tax breaks to appear in Atlantic City.

5:20pm- Reagan Biographer, Craig Shirley, checks in to discuss his latest book “Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan.” Craig also talks about the last time the Republican Party had a contested convention.

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5:30pm- Violence continues to erupt at Donald Trump rallies. The latest occurrence was at a campaign event in Tuscon, Arizona.