3pm- Rich recaps last night’s Iowa Caucus.

3:15pm- Will Ted Cruz be able to carry his Iowa momentum into next week’s New Hampshire primary?

3:20pm- Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, checks in to break down the results of the Iowa Caucus and explains what can be expected going forward.

3:35pm- Despite an incredibly large voter turnout, Donald Trump was unable to meet expectations in Iowa.

4:20pm- The Zika virus continues to spread and cause concern.

4:30pm- Former Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, calls in to discuss what the results of last night’s Iowa Caucus will mean for Hillary in upcoming primaries, how the Republican establishment will handle Rubio following his impressive showing, whether or not Iowa deserves to be the first state to vote, and the latest on Bill Cosby. 

5:20pm- MSNBC airs the f-word during Iowa Caucus coverage.

5:30pm- Does Adele’s song “Hello” encourage sexual harassment?