Chris followed Pope Francis’ arrival in the United States, Donald Trump’s appearance with Stephen Colbert, and Vice-President Joe Biden explaining his opinions on abortion. He talked with Philadelphia Magazine’s Tom McGrath about Pope week finally arriving.

6:00 Pope Francis arrived in Washington DC yesterday afternoon.

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6:19 Donald Trump appeared with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show last night.

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6:50 Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey talked about the Black Lives Matter movement while getting a haircut.

6:53 Joe Biden discussed his stance on abortion as Pope Francis arrived in the US.

7:01 Hillary Clinton announced her opposition to the Keystone Pipeline.

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7:18 The World Meeting of Families is now underway.

7:25 French novelist Michel Houellebecq’s ‘Submission,’ is being translated into English and will be published next month.

7:47 The Phillies have announced Pete Mackanin will return as the team’s manager next year.

7:51 Chris welcomes the Piazza Pet of the week into the studio. If you’d like to adopt a pet, check out

8:00 Chris talks with Tom McGrath from Philadelphia Magazine about the beginning of the World Meeting of Families and Pope week.

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