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Piazza Pet Adoption Letters

Piazza PetIt was less than a year ago that we drove away from the SPCA with Max in the back seat, a shy, gentle, five year old German Shepherd whose love of carbohydrates was only exceeded by his love of affection. From the very first night, when he burst through the door of his crate because he couldn’t stand to be away from us, Max established himself as a member of the family. He’s goofy and clumsy–at 112 lbs. he has no concept of his size, and a swipe of his constantly wagging tail can send a table full of items flying–but he is as sweet and loyal a pet as anyone could hope for. Max is a lovable oaf of a dog, sometimes mischievous, always on the lookout for a treat, often underfoot, and never far from our side–and we wouldn’t have him any other way. Thank you to everyone who took care of Max before he became ours, and thank you to everyone involved in the Piazza Pet of the Week program!

-Marissa Polselli & Dave DiRenzo\


Piazza Pet

I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks since we adopted Philly from your shelter!  He’s doing great & we love him so much. He’s such a good dog. He goes for a long walk every day & enjoys being outside in his yard playing with his brothers. We are doing our best to spoil him rotten! A big thanks to you, your staff & all the volunteers who took such good care of our boy & gave him so much love while he was there. A special thanks to one of your volunteers, Sheila who took the time to talk to us about her experience with Philly. As you can see from the picture, he loves lounging on our deck in the sunshine. We are so thankful we found him he is an awesome boy!!

-Colleen & Bill Marchetti


By fortune, fate or chance, I was running late for work one Wednesday morning. I happened to take the elevator with a representative from the SPCA and her adorable companion, Roxy. They were visiting WPHT for Piazza’s Pet of the Week. Roxy is a twelve year-old female Australian Cattle-mix. At least on my part, it was love at first sight.
The next evening, only telling my kids I was running an errand, I went to the SPCA. After some bonding time, Roxy and I decided we were a perfect fit and the adoption was completed that night. The volunteers and staff told me of Roxy’s health issues, such as cataracts, arthritis, and teeth issues, but you could see her spunk despite her age and ailments. Roxy climbed into my van like she belonged. Shortly after making our way home, Roxy fell soundly asleep in the backseat..

Piazza PetMy kids were thrilled and fell in love with her as quickly as I did. She revels in the love and attention from the six of us. She loves long walks, and even long car rides. She also enjoys the bath. Judging by how she plays with her toy rope and how she chomps down on dinner and her treats, she doesn’t let her teeth bother her. Truly, to look at her and watch her in action, you would never guess that she is twelve, rapidly headed to thirteen, especially when the leash comes out for her walks.
Roxy takes well to most other dogs too. I was a bit worried about visiting a friend, who has two dogs, a boxer-mix and a terrier and planned to turn around from our trip at the first sign of trouble. I had no worries. The three dogs quickly made friends and actually let each other have their own space. Roxy did her level best to keep up with the younger dogs romping and definitely slept well each night.
Roxy, also known as “the dingo” among family and friends, has ensconced her way right into our hearts and our lives from day one. She is truly the newest member of our family and quite frequently, the head of the household. In spite of her age, we are all extremely lucky to have her as part of our lives. She has the sweetest face to match the sweetest disposition. We hope to have Roxy around for quite a few more years. Regardless, I hope that we have improved her quality of life even a fraction as much as she has improved the quality of ours.

-Mary B. Stermel


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