3:18 A bill has been proposed to allow self service at gas stations in New Jersey.

3:19 Rand Paul said we are more at risk for terrorist attacks with Saddam Hussein gone from Iraq.

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3:24 A blog supporting Hillary Clinton says she should remain silent on the death sentence handed down to the surviving Boston Marathon bomber.

3:35 Social media criticized Louis CK’s monologue on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

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3:47 Rich talks with Don Lessum about the Ghenghis Khan exhibit at the Franklin Institute.

4:00 Rich talks with California attorney Gail Glick, who claims her client was fired for deleting a cell phone app that tracked her location.

5:00 Rich speaks with New Jersey Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon about his proposal to allow drivers to pump their own gas.

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5:35 President Obama visited Camden to discuss community policing and to introduce a ban on the government giving local municipalities military equipment.