By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — While Cleveland has been reportedly interested in Sam Bradford, apparently Sam Bradford is not interested in Cleveland.

According to Mark Eckel of, a source tells him that Bradford refuses to talk contract extension with the Browns, something that would be a necessity in order for a potential Eagles-Browns trade involving the former No. 1 overall selected quarterback.

“Bradford’s agent [Tom Condon] has told Cleveland he won’t even listen on a contract extension,” the source said via “He won’t even listen, period. And I don’t think Cleveland will make a deal without the extension.”

The Browns have been a disaster over the past few years, so it’s certainly understandable for why Bradford wouldn’t want to commit to Cleveland. Coming off two ACL tears, the former Oklahoma quarterback is set to make $12.9 million in 2015, the final year of his rookie deal.

But would Bradford sign an extension with the Eagles?

“I’m not sure a deal gets done,” the source said. “But [Condon] will at least listen to the Eagles.”

From the Eagles’ perspective, however, they likely do not want to extend Bradford just yet, if at all. Bradford has played just seven games over the past two seasons and he certainly has to prove his worth is 2015.