3:00 Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid will not seek re-election next year and New York Senator Chuck Schumer will replace him as the Democrats leader in the Senate.

3:10 German authorities have released information detailing that the co-pilot who crashed Germanwings Flight 9525 was hiding his depression from the airline.

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3:33 Rich talks to Author Lenore Skenazy about colleges over-coddling young adults.

3:49 The Somerset Prosecutors Office has ruled that former Cooper University Health CEO John Sheridan murdered his wife before committing suicide.

4:04 SEPTA will accept anti-Islam ads but will change their rules regarding political ads.

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4:19 A judge has ruled a school is allowed to fire a security guard for a racist post on Facebook.

4:37 The University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball coach has banned his team from using Twitter.

4:39 Negative Yelp reviews have prompted lawsuits.

5:05 The TSA uses these signs to watch for terrorists.

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5:40 A man will sell his home after a Comcast screw up.