3:00 During her OSCAR’s acceptance speech, Patricia Arquette called for equal pay for women.

3:08 As a Senator, Hillary Clinton paid her female staff less than men.

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3:10 Sean Penn failed at a green card joke when awarding the winner for Best Picture at the OSCAR’s.

3:13 The New Republic criticized Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech.

3:22 John Travolta had an awkward moment with Scarlett Johansson.

3:37 New York Times: Hillary, Jeb and $$$.

4:01 A nominee for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court withdrew from the process after being accused of sending a racist email.

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4:05 A news anchor in Ohio apologized after a racially insensitive comment about Lady Gaga’s OSCAR performance.

4:20 Rich talks to State Representative Joe Hackett about his proposal to decriminalize out-of-state alcohol purchases.

4:50 Chester County authorities seized $160,000 of wine from a man illegally selling bottles to his friends.

5:02 Gas prices are climbing again.

5:08 ISIS claims to be targeting malls for terrorist attacks.

5:20 Habitat for Humaity says the husband of an assemblywoman in Monmouth County owes them $11,000 for demolishing their shore house after Hurricane Sandy.

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5:22 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is under fire again, this time for saying he doesn’t know if President Obama is a Christian.