6:00 President Obama unveiled his NCAA Bracket before the tournament begins today.

6:23 A judge upheld voter identification requirements in Arizona and Kansas.

6:38 Australian officials believe they see debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines flight on satellite.

7:02 The American Medical Association is worried doctors could be stuck with unpaid bills.

7:06 White House officials debated what lengths the President should go to in promoting healthcare.gov.

7:20 Chris talks to comedian Kyle Kinane, who will be performing at Helium Comedy Club through Saturday.

7:50 Jimmy Fallon parodied a call between President Obama and Vladimir Putin.

7:55 Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was applauded at the University of California for his speech on NSA surveillance.

8:00 Chris talks to KYW News Radio’s Ian Bush about St. Joes and Villanova’s NCAA Tournament matchups tonight.

8:20 Chris talks to Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, about a court ruling on voter identification.