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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –- Bubba Kolbasowski, of Bubba’s Texas BBQ, has set up shop in Fishtown, at 19 West Girard Ave.

“I’m from Texas, and in Texas we do dry rub,” he tells KYW Newsradio. “We don’t slather all the sauce on like St. Louis does.”

So what’s an Austin, Texas guy doing opening a barbecue joint here in Philadelphia?

“Yankees don’t know how to barbecue!” Kolbasowski (top photo) says. “So I just want to teach them how, that’s all.”

Hear the full “Bubba’s BBQ” interview in this CBS Philly podcast (runs 6:21)…



If you can’t decide between meat and vegetarian, head over to Pat’s Steaks in South Philly on Saturday, where vegetarian chef Christina Pirello (below right) co-hosts a “cheesesteak challenge.”  It’ll be her vegetarian steaks versus Pat’s traditional steaks.

(Chef Christina Pirello. Credit: Hadas Kuznits)

“We’re calling it the ‘Queen of Veg’ meets the ‘King of Steaks,’ and all of the proceeds help benefit the Christina Pirello Health Education Initiative, which does programs in schools to help kids have a good relationship with veggies.”

Hear the full “Vegetarian Cheesesteak Challenge” interview in this CBS Philly podcast (runs 5:53)…



And in celebration of Halloween, Sarah Hertz,VP of strategic initiatives at the Academy of Natural Sciences, says the museum will host its “Cuisine from the Collections” event on Saturday night.

(Sarah Hertz, outside the front entrance of the Academy of Natural Sciences, on Logan Circle. Credit: Hadas Kuznits)


“We are pairing up items from the academy’s extensive collection of 18 million specimens with things that people can eat and drink and enjoy,” she explains.

(Kuznits:)  “So you’re eating your museum.”
(Hertz:)  “I think we are eating our museum!”

Tickets will be available at the door.

Hear the full “Cuisine from the Collections” interview in this CBS Philly podcast (runs 4:50)…

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