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Get a head start on Valentine’s Day with Ristorante Panorama‘s wine and chocolate tasting on Wednesday, February 8th.

“Some of the flavors in the wines, whether it’s fruit flavors or in some cases bitter flavors, really match in an interesting way with the flavors of the chocolates,” notes William Eccleston of Panorama.

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This weekend, of course, the main food event will probably be your Super Bowl party.

“Oh, the secret to a great Super Bowl spread comes down to beer and just having good friends around with some great food,” says Brett Hubert of Portobello’s of Kennett Square.  He divulges some easy recipes in his podcast (see below).  But he says you have to seek out the freshest ingredients.

“And if you can’t find something that’s really good, omit it,” Hubert advises.

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(Brett Hulbert of Portobello's and his partner, Sandra Morris. Credit: Hadas Kuznits)


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Speaking of parties, the folks at EBE on Delaware Avenue have opened a brand new event space called The Warehouse at EBE.

“The deck we’re standing on right now is about 1,200 square feet of rooftop outside space.  So, literally, you could be having your party, your cocktail hour, whatever you might be wanting to do and looking over the gorgeous lights of the Delaware River,” says managing partner Steve Meranus.

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(Partners Mike Gendler and Steve Meranus of the Warehouse at EBE, 1030 North Delaware Avenue, in Fishtown. Credit: Hadas Kuznits)


Meranus says they’re working with a variety of caterers to handle any type of event.

“We’ve got everything from J Dawgs, if you just want to have a hot dog party, all the way to the Wolfgang Pucks and the Stephen Starrs of the world — and everything in between.”

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