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5:41 President Obama says that if the debt ceiling is not raised, checks for government assistance may not be sent out.

5:50 Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled his plan to allow President Obama to raise the debt ceiling without requiring the approval of the Senate.

6:42 Michelle Obama ordered a 1,700 calorie lunch at the Shake Shack.

michelle obama Stigall Show Log 7.13.11

7:11 Chris talks to Dom Giordano about his discussion with a woman who confronted Congressman Paul Ryan about drinking a $350 bottle of wine.

7:39 Chris talks to Seth Everett about last night’s All-Star game and the start of the second half of the Phillies season.

mlb all star game Stigall Show Log 7.13.11

7:57 A Penn professor has filed a lawsuit alleging research misconduct regarding a study ghost written by a medical communications company.

8:09 Chris talks to Conservative Columnist and Pundit Ann Coulter about her July 25th appearance at the next Red Meat Tour stop at Union Trust Steakhouse in Center City.

ann coulter 1 sized Stigall Show Log 7.13.11

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