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Dom Show Log 9.28.16

Dom discussed Trump continued comments on a former Miss Universe winner, Philadelphia wanting to bring in 1 million Syrian refugees, a proposal gone bad during a Yankees game. At 9:35, City Councilman David Oh joined discussing his resolution to State Rep Martina White’s sanctuary city bill.At 10, CNN’s Jake Tapper joined discussing his Presidential Town Hall tonight with President Obama. At 11, Judge Jeanine Pirro joined discussing her appearance with Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania on October 6th.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/28/2016

Dom Show Log 9.27.16

Dom live from Andy’s Diner in Spring House. Dom broke down last night’s first Presidential debate, Montgomery County Community college weapon policy. At 9:30, Former CIO Director Jim Woolsey joined discussing the benefit of stop and frisk and the confidential information sent to Hillary Clinton’s private servers. At 10, Joe McGuriman, Director of Campus Safety at Montgomery County Community College, joined discussing the new weapon policy at the campus. At 10:35, Senator Rick Santorum joined with his reaction to last night’s debate. At 11, Attorney Alan Dershowitz joined to discuss his new book “Electile Dysfunction.” At 11:35, Kathleen Willey joined discussing her thoughts on last night’s debate.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/27/2016

Dom Show Log 9.26.16

Dom discussed Senator Cruz’s endorsement with Donald Trump, the importance of sports in life., Walmart refusing to make a “Blue Lives Matter” cake and pushback to the drug narcan. At 11, Lou Dobbs of Lou Dobbs Tonight, joined to preview the first Presidential debate tonight. At 11:17, Senator Tom Cotton joined discussing his support for fellow Senator Pat Toomey.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/26/2016

Dom Show Log 9.23.16

Dom discussed Facebook’s campaign to get people registered to vote, Trump’s rally in Ashton, New Jersey’s distracted driving law not about drinking coffee and Philly free streets this weekend. At 10:30, Colonel Allen West joined discussing the shooter’s of Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott.At 10:47, Neal Zoren with What’s on TV.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/23/2016

Dom Show Log 9.22.16

Dom live from Andy’s Diner in Spring House. Dom discussed Trump’s opinion on the shooting of Terrence Crutcher, Trump’s campaign as a movement not just a campaign and the upcoming debate on Monday night. At 10:35, Former basketball coach, Bobby Knight, joined discussing his support for Donald Trump gave his thoughts on kneeling for the National Anthem.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/22/2016

Dom Show Log 9.21.16

Dom discussed the latest projections from FiveThirtyEight on Trump’s chances to win at 48%, the refugee situation in Pennsylvania, and the shooting of Terrence Crutcher in Tulsa. At 9:35, State Rep. Martina White joined discussing the passing of her sanctuary city bill in the State Government Committee. At 10, John Rentschler joined discussing the Syrian refugees in the Lancaster area.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/21/2016

Dom Show Log 9.20.16

Dom discussed the continued reaction to the bombings in New York and New Jersey, Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins and two other players protest during the National Anthem, a new weapon policy in Montgomery County Community College and Donald Trump Jr’s comparison of the Syrian refugee crisis to skittles. At 9:35,’s Marcus Hayes, joined discussing the protest last night by 3 Eagles players during the National Anthem. At 10, Andy McCarthy from National Review joined discussing the terror attacks in New York City and New Jersey shows our willful blindness.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/20/2016

Dom Show Log 9.19.16

Dom discussed the attacks in the Chelsea section on New York,President Obama’s plea to the Black Caucus to vote in Hillary Clinton, Eagles players expected to show a protest during tonight’s game in Chicago and Uber coming under fire for surge pricing in the Chelsea section of NYC after the bombing. At 9, FOP Lodge #5 President, John McNesby, joined discussing the FOP’s endorsement of Donald Trump. At 9:35, Dr. Sebastian Gorka joined discussing the attacks in New York and New Jersey. At 10:35, Economist, David Rothschild, joined discussing his projections for the election and the results of Pennsylvania. At 11, CNN’s Jake Tapper, joined discussing the attacks in New York City and New Jersey and Hillary’s appeal to millenial voters.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/19/2016

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Dom Giordano Column: Why The FOP Picked Trump

The Fraternal Order of Police’s endorsement of Donald Trump is important and an interesting breakthrough for a Republican candidate.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/18/2016

Dom Show Log 9.16.16

Dom discussed Donald Trump Jr clarifying his comments referencing the “gas chambers,” Mayor Kenney blasting the soda tax lawsuit against him, Penn State looking for an additional $25 million in state aid. At 10:47, Lou gaul takes us to the movies. At 11:35, game of the week.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/16/2016

Dom Show Log 9.15.16

Dom live from Andy’s Diner in Spring House. Dom discussed Trump’s visit to Flint, Michigan, Colin Powell’s email leaks, Director James Comey telling people to block their webcams, and outrage with Penn State set to honor Joe Paterno this Saturday. At 9:35, Omarosa, Trump’s Director of African-American Outreach, joined discussing the gathering of Black Republicans and Trump supporters at the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference. At 11, President of the PA AFL-CIO, Rick Bloomingdale, joined discussing Trump’s polling amongst Union workers. At 11:35, Author Edward Conard, joined discussing his new book ‘The Upside of Inequality.”

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/15/2016

Dom Show Log 9.13.16

Dom discussed Camden diocese issuing a statement on student-atheltes that kneel during the National Anthem, Trump countering Hillary’s “deplorable” supporters comment, Ivanka Trump laying out a child care plan, and Bensalem police setting up a DNA database. At 10, Mariann Davies joined discussing being a suburban woman supporting Donald Trump. At 11, CNN’s Jake Tapper joined discussing Hillary’s health and her comment about Trump supporters being deplorables.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/13/2016

Dom Show Log 9.12.16

Dom discussed Hillary being diagnosed with pneumonia, her “basket of deplorables” description of Trump voters At 9:35, former NYPD Commissioner, Ray Kelly, joined discussing the paperback release of “Vigilance.” At 10, Coach Preston Brown and player of Anthony Ramos of Woodrow Wilson High School joined discussing why he and the other members of the football team kneeled for the National Anthem. At 11, Dr. Jane Orient of Association of Americans Physicians and Surgeons, joined discussing Hillary’s health.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/12/2016

Dom Show Log 9.9.16

Dom discussed the NAACP comparing Colin Kaepernick to Rosa Parks, left-wing talk hosts criticizing Matt Lauer, the social justice major at the University of Iowa. At 10, Abby Schachter joined discussing her new book “No Child Left Alone.” At 10:47, Neal Zoren with what’s on TV. At 11, Comedian Frank Caliendo joined discussing his next show in Atlantic City.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/09/2016

Dom Show Log 9.8.16

Dom live from Andy’s Diner in Spring House. Dom discussed last night’s “Commander-In-Chief forum, President Clinton’s meaning for “Make America Great Again.” At 9:17, Ed Turzanksi, John Templeton Fellow and Co-Chair for the Center of study of Terrorism at Foreign Policy Institute, joined discussing Donald Trump’s visit to Philadelphia yesterday. At 10:35, Angelo Cataldi, Morning Show Host for 94 WIP, joined discussing Carson Wentz and the Sam Bradford trade. At 10, Admiral Phil Anselmo joined discussing Trump’s military plan. At 11:35,Lou Dobb of Lou Dobbs Tonight joined discussing Trump’s speech yesterday in Philadelphia and the forum last night.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/08/2016

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