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Dom Show Log 8.26.16

Dom discussed a pew research study on immigration, Trump’s campaign facing reality on immigration, Donald Trump on with Anderson Cooper last night and the ridiculousness of scrapple pie. At 10, Philadlephia City Council President, Darrell Clarke, joined discussing the free gun lock giveaway. At 10:47, Neal Zoren with what’s on TV. At 11, NJ Senator Nicholas Scutari, joined discussing his legislation to legislate the claw machine games. At 11:35, Malcom Kenyatta joined discussing his piece on Phillymag about Trump’s outreach to the African-American community.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/26/2016

Dom Show Log 8.19.16

Dom discussed Trump saying he regrets some things that he has said, Ryan Lochte lying about the robbery, and Paul Manafort resigning from the Trump campaign. At 9:35, Chief Political Reporter for the Washington Post, Robert Costa, joined discussing Trump appointing Steve Bannon as the CEO of his campaign.At 10:17, Catholic League President, Bill Donahue, joined discussing his new book “Unmasking Mother Teresa’s Critics.” At 10:35, Lou Gaul takes us to the movies. At 10:47, Youtube star, Matthew Santoro, joined discussing his book “Mind=Blown.” At 11:35, game of the week.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/19/2016

Dom Show Log 8.18.16

Dom live from Andy’s Diner in Spring House. Dom discussed the Catholic vote in the 2016 election, Brad Thor leaving the “Never Trump” crowd, democrats not helping the black communities the last 8 years, regulating the claw games, At 10:35, Gold Star mother, Karen Vaughn, joined discussing her experiences and her event tomorrow in Philadelphia. At 11, Author J.D. Vance joined discussing his book “Hillbilly Elegy.”

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/18/2016

Dom Show Log 8.17.16

Dom discussed Trump’s change in leadership at his campaign, his speech yesterday in Wisconsin for law and order, Chase Utley’s return to Philadelphia and Walmart’s shop lifting problem. At 9:35, Acting Attorney General, Bruce Castor, joined discussing the resignation of Kathleen Kane. At 10, Philadlephia Director for the GOP, Joe DeFelice, joined discussing voter fraud in Philadelphia. At 11, Ben King of Amish PAC, joined discussing the outreach to gain support for Donald Trump.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/17/2016

Dom Show Log 8.16.16

Dom discussed Trump’s national security speech and his plan for extreme vetting on immigrants, Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s conviction on felony charges, and back to school lists. At 9, Lou Dobbs joined discussing Donald Trump’s national security speech yesterday and his comments on cheating at the polls in Pennsylvania. At 10, Jonah Goldberg of National Review, joined discussing his latest piece, “Does Hannity want Hillary to win?” At 11, President Philadelphia City Council, Darrell Clarke, joined discussing a push for gun locks in Philadelphia. At 11:35, State Rep. Stephen Barrar joined discussing the conviction of Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/16/2016

Dom Show Log 8.15.16

Dom discussed Trump’s only way he’ll lose Pennsylvania, Hillary launching an “army” to gain ground on the immigration vote. At 10, Philly Voice’s Brian Hickey joined discussing the protest to remove the Frank Rizzo statue. At 10:35, Senator Rick Santorum joined discussing Trump’s possible success in the Philadelphia area counties and Hillary campaigning today in Scranton with Vice President Biden.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/15/2016

Dom Show Log 8.11.16

Dom live from Andy’s Diner in Spring House. Dom discussed the Trump Tower climber, Trump’s plan for tax breaks to stay at home moms, a pizza ATM and Hannity calling out Republicans who don’t support Trump. At 10, State Rep. Martina White joined discussing the sanctuary city status in Philadelphia and ICE’s request for a Philadelphia convict.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/11/2016

Dom Show Log 8.10.16

Dom discussed Donald Trump’s controversial comment to Hillary Clinton and 2nd amendment advocates, John Hinckley allowed to vote in Virginia,and a new Illinois law to future drivers. At 9:35, Dr. Sebastian Gorka joined discussing the 50 GOP security officials that claimed Trump as a security threat. At 10:35, Speaker Mike Turzai joined discussing his wine privatization bill that was passed. At 11, Former, Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino, joined discussing Trump’s comments yesterday about the 2nd amendment and Hillary Clinton.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/10/2016

Dom Show Log 8.9.16

Dom discussed the 50 GOP security officials stating Trump will be security risk, the 2 year anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo, Donald Trump’s economic speech in Detroit yesterday, and a proposal to remove the Frank Rizzo statue. At 11, columnist, Stu Bykofsky, joined discussing his piece on Philadelphia’s sanctuary city status.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/09/2016

Dom Show Log 8.8.16

Dom discussed Hillary’s health questions, ICE detainer filed for an illegal Honduran man in Philadelphia, New Jersey trying to prevent drinking coffee and driving, and Donald Trump in Detroit today. At 10, Jillian Melchior, political editor of Heat Street, joined discussing her investigative piece on Johnny Doc. At 10:35, Matt Skoufalos of joined discussing a harassment incident at Haddon Township school district. At 11,Arnold Anderson, Traffic Safety Coordinator of Essex County joined discussing the proposal to ban drinking coffee while driving.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/08/2016

Dom Show Log 8.5.16

Dom discussed how Trump can get back on track after a controversial week, IBEW 98 leader John Doughtery getting investigated by the FBI, and the vitality of immigrants in PA and NJ. At 10, President of the Rasmussen Media Group, Scott Rasmussen, joined discussing the results of the latest election polls. At 10:47, Lou Gaul takes us to the movies. At 11:43, game of the week.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/05/2016

Dom Show Log 8.4.16

Dom live from Andy’s Diner in Springhouse. Dom discussed Trump’s drop in the polls and arming public safety officers in At 10, Terry Madonna joined discussing the latest PA poll showing Trump down by 11 points to Clinton. At 10:47, Donna DiDonato joined discussing Sunday’s police rally in Philadelphia. At 11, Maurice Hall, Chairman of the Communications Department for Villanova, joined discussing the arming of the school’s public safety officers.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/04/2016

Dom Show Log 8.3.16

Dom discussed Villanova’s decision to arm it’s public safety officers, President Obama calling Donald Trump unfit to be President, reports of a ransom payment to Iran to free four Americans, and a Phillies fan getting kicked out by the umpire. At 10:47, Senator Pat Toomey joined discussing the $400 million payment to Iran in ransom money and Trump’s controversial week.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/03/2016

Dom Show Log 8.2.16

Dom discussed the military mom being booed by Governor Pence rally goers, black lives matter releases their agenda for the election, New York banning sex offenders from playing pokemon go, Donald Trump hoping Ivanka Trump would quit her job if she was harassed. At 9:15, Colonel Allen West joined discussing his message to the father of Captain Khan.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/02/2016

Dom Show Log 8.1.16

Dom discussed the latest Trump controversy with the Khan family, Hillary going after the coal industry again, Lower Merion school district’s new grading system. At 10, Eric Trump joined discussing his father’s controversy with the Khan family, bringing manufacturing back and the debate schedule in the fall. At 11, Jake Tapper of CNN joined discussing his thoughts on the week of conventions and the latest Trump controversy. At 11:35, RNC’s Director of Communications, Sean Spicer, joined offering a recap of the RNC and DNC conventions.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–08/01/2016

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