5:42 Chris ridicules the tone of Mayor Nutter’s school budget speech being all about the children.

6:11 A poor woman is selling a letter she recieved from Obama responding to her asking for assistance.

6:42 Porn Star Ginger Lee holds a press conference with her attorney Gloria Allred revealing her tweets with Anthony Weiner.

7:13 CBS3’s Ben Simmoneau joins Chris to break down Mayor Nutter’s speech and preview today’s hearing on funding for public schools.

7:42 Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley talks the state budget with Chris.

8:12 Gloria Allred joins Chris to explain the details of her involvement as Ginger Lee’s attorney in the Anthony Weiner text scandal

8:40 David Brenner is in studio with Chris to talk comedy spots in Philly and his appearance tonight at the Sellersville Theater