Nutter Addresses Philadelphia, City Council Still Looking For Alternatives To Soda Tax

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter made a televised address Wednesday night to promote his budget and education agenda.

“The conclusion is inescapable, the school district needs more resources for our children,” said Nutter. “We face a choice between bad and worse, there are no painless answers to our challenges.”

Earlier in the day, outside of City Hall, a protest was held against a proposed soda tax. Meanwhile, inside City Hall, City Council members were discussing how to avoid a soda tax while still bailing out the cash-strapped Philadelphia School District.

Nutter wants a two-pennies per ounce soda tax to provide $60-million this year, more than half of the $100-million that the school district says it needs from the city (see related story).

Hundreds opposed to Mayor Michal Nutter’s soda tax proposal rallied outside City Hall on Tuesday, with the honking horns heard easily inside the building as negotiations continued (see related story).

Councilman Bill Green said, “(Council) leadership is still negotiating with the mayor about where we’ll end up, and it’s not clear that there’s any resolution.”

Mayor Nutter’s Mayoral Address (Part 1)…

Mayor Nutter’s Mayoral Address (Part 2)…

Wednesday afternoon, the Mayor joined the coalition of Philadelphia school students who marched on City Hall, demanding support for the Mayor’s ‘soda tax,’ and more funds for the school district to offset planned layoffs and program cuts.

During his 7 p.m. address, the mayor discussed the unpopular proposition of raising property taxes and the prospect of receiving negative feedback from beverage companies if the soda tax passes.

“Look, I get it. I don’t like these options either,” said Mayor Nutter. “But, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I understand their concern but many Philadelphians join me in a passion for supporting our children, their future and our city’s economic competitiveness.”

Councilman Wilson Goode doesn’t see that happening. “I don’t believe we can get the votes for a tax increase,” Goode said. “That’s the way it looks right now.”

Other options including tapping into the city’s reserve fund, something the mayor opposes.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio; Ben Bowens,

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One Comment

  1. dmartinez says:

    stop the taxes now. you all know the money isn’t going to the children but to teachers raises and their benifits. i think we are over taxed a taken advantage of.!!. when someone wants a raise they come to the home owners. we need to take those government jobs and turn them over to the private sector. the next step is get rid of the same politicians. if anybody agrees please let me know.
    we have the power!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sammysamples says:

    Instead of a big 2 cents an ounce on soda, why don’t they have a 1/2 cent per ounce tax on all overly sugary drinks(hugs,sweetened iced teas, lemonade, fruit punch drinks, vitamin water, etc). It would spread out the tax burdon over a larger group of people and probably bring in more revenue to boot. I think the tax is a good idea, but 2 cents is just a bit too high.

  3. Daniele says:

    What about the surplus that Charter schools etc. have that is out there. The newspaper ran an article outlining the millons of dollars that is out there. Take that back and use it. You have taxed everything up the butt and you have run out of places to turn. CUTS NEED TO BE MADE. New Jersey has 1/2 day Kindergarten and their schools produce better test scores. Stop raiding our wallets. We’ve had enough!!! If you raise any of my taxes this year, I am going in and voting against everyone who votes for a tax hike of any kind or any amount. The 1% sales tax increase was supposed to be temporary just as last year’s 10% property tax. I can’t wait to see you give us our money back. I won’t hold my breath. NO MORE TAXES …. JUST CUTS … LEARN TO LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS!!!!!

  4. dmartinez says:

    get rid of all the free loders and you’ll have enough ,money for the schools of philadelphia.the first thing to go would be drop.Boy the money you’ll save there.The next thing would be the trash collecters hire a firm and see how you will save And last stop making just the home owners be responsible for the schools. the entire city has a right to pay!!! the senior citizen’s had enough of the bull s—. it’s time to hold all accountable for the schools, no more real estate taxestaxes to support the schools. I have to use a budget and if i don’t have i don’t buy it. Same goes for the city enough is enough

  5. Sick of Philly says:

    All of the chuckleheads in Philly that push the democrat lever, this is what you get! This mayor doesn’t not have any economic sense, education, or budgeting capabilities. These financial times we live in require a level of expertise not existing in guys like Michael Nutter, John Street, Ed Rendell and Milton Street. The good ole boys network has a nickel mentality. They tax soda, really? All of the spending that can be cut, all of the grossly overpaid city administration, all of the waste and pet projects, over priced pensions….no, the tax soda. Well done Philly, keep pushing the democrats.

  6. Digg says:

    Whenever a politician says “do it for the kids” it can’t be good.

  7. Jim Wilmer says:

    Did they ever hear of Comcast? Time for them to cough up some of the money they get off of us. They got all these tax breaks, they get more when they donate or fund something, but tax is part of life for Phila; and their headquarters are in Phila.

    1. grumpy says:

      Comcast pays taxes??????

  8. Same Spade says:

    We could save $300,000 a year by firing Ackerman. She makes more than the Governor of PA and the school leaders in NYC, Chicago and LA,; which are larger systems.

  9. pita says:

    They could start by getting rid of all the free perks they get from the taxpayers.

  10. grumpy says:

    If, as they say, alcohol and beer are as bad for you as cigarettes then tax these items as they have taxed cigarettes and you would receive a wind fall! BUT, the alcohol/beer lobby will kill this idea!

  11. state engineer says:

    i want the city of philadelphia to just tax everything and any thing they want. the soda tax is keep coming up so just do it please. but then everybody will leave this city and they can all live like candem new jersey.. do it and do it now

  12. trueism says:

    Anything is more tax effective than allowing Ackerman to remain in office. The people should wake up the Mayor to that fact. Like the citizens of San Francisco and Washington DC did, by getting rid of her.

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