Police Arrest Suspect In Connection With Mayfair Tire Slashings

By Jim Melwert, Al Novack, Nicole Brewer, Steve Beck and Diana Rocco

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police have made an arrest in connection to the rash of tire slashings in Northeast Philadelphia; however, investigators believe “several copy-cats” remain on the loose.

The arrest of 22-year-old Quincy Kramer of Englewood Street in Northeast Philadelphia was made Monday. Police officials say Kramer has been charged for his involvement in the slashing of nine tires on the 3200 and 3300 blocks of Cottman Avenue Thursday.

As it stands right now, Kramer has only been charged in the nine tire slashings, but police say they are investigating to see if he is connected to the other slashings.

Over the weekend, police released surveillance video of a man they suspected was responsible in at least some of the vandalism. Captain Jack McGinnis of the Philadelphia Police Department said Kramer was the suspect seen in that video.

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McGinnis said a tip call after the video was released by police led to Kramer’s arrest.

When asked why he believed Kramer committed the crime, McGinnis said he (Kramer) “felt like doing something.”

McGinnis said police found two knives, including one that was used in the crime, during a search warrant at Kramer’s home on Monday. In addition, McGinnis said they also found the clothes Kramer was wearing the night of the crime.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says they believe they have enough evidence to charge and prosecute Kramer.

He says the big break in the case came from a phone tip, after they released surveillance video of an incident that happened Thursday.

Ramsey expressed surprise that they were able to make an arrest at all, considering how quickly these crimes happened.

“How quickly he was able to slash that tire. It’s very difficult crime to catch someone actually in the act. I mean, that was literally a matter of seconds — I was actually surprised when I saw how fast this was. It just took very little effort in order to do it. So, hopefully we have the guy, but again, we don’t know if this is a separate incident or if it’s connected to the other slashings that took place,” Ramsey said.

There has been an ongoing problem with vandalism in the Mayfair section of Northeast Philadelphia since October. Dozens of cars have been vandalized — more than 80 tires slashed — since the start.

The vandalism has received a lot of attention since it began, prompting residents to set up a neighborhood watch group. There was even a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible.

Capt. McGinnis said he did not believe one person is responsible for all the tire slashings and that there are “several copy-cats” going on at the same time.

Kramer’s arrest came as a big relief to Mayfair residents like David Toledo of Aldine Street, who says he alone has spent more than $2,000 replacing his tires. When he heard over the weekend that police had video of a man they suspect is behind these tire slashings, he says he knew it was only a matter of time.

“With surveillance, you see them actually doing it, so that was a plus. Somebody probably ratted him out — maybe one of his friends.”

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One Comment

  1. Philly Pam says:

    This is why we left the city 9 years ago! We were sitting in our kitchen which had a sliding glass door in the back with my four children – one just an infant – when all of a sudden a huge rock was thrown at our window – it didn’t shatter – but it would have – and easily hurt or killed my child in her rocker – when we got the kid who did it he said the same thing “I felt like doing something” – really – you felt like doing something! I feel terrible for the people who had their tires slashed – this is a very big financial burden on many who like me liek week to week. I agree make him make retribution to the people he did this to.

    1. noname says:

      could be that someone posted up the wrong address (yours) on line like Spike Lee did or another poster on this site did which CBS 3 will not take down becasue they just hope a rock gets thrown and people get hurt so they can feel good about being the first to report it.

  2. Mike in Philly says:

    He must be mentally ill… and to make a comment “he wanted to do something”…how pathetic… He should be made to pay back all of the reported victims… liquidate property if necessary to get the funds from him… C’mon judge make some history here with a sentence…

  3. Tony Bell says:

    IF this young man is found guilty, he should be forced to make restitution by working it off, not by his parents paying the bills.

  4. Wiliam T. Shabazz says:

    If Quicy was a Brother or Sister he woulduv been full of bumps and bruises courtesy of the PPD.

    1. Hater says:

      Maybe your peeps can put a bounty on him when he makes bail.

      1. twowrongsmakearight says:

        maybe for the rest of his life someone should slash his tires.

  5. mac says:

    He looks so young and sweet.however with a misspent childhood.He can now be tried as an adult.

  6. gjermyn says:

    Too many times we hear comments disparaging the police with name-calling, etc. I, for one, thank God (yes god) every day that someone wants this police job (and fireman, soldier) and performs it well. Sure, there are the creeps that disgrace the uniform, but they are few. I’m glad to see people thanking the people that got the jerk that did the vandalism. The police (and the informant) should take pride in this one!

  7. Mike says:

    Every victim should get one shot at him, and we will see how tough he is.

    This dirtbag deserves what he gets.

  8. Leigh says:

    I remember when Mayfair was a good neighborhood – I grew up there. It is amazing how quickly the tide changes.

  9. syck says:

    If you look this kid up you’ll see he was arrested in October for possession of a controlled substance. He was found guilty in October (the same month this tire slashing began). Maybe this was his motive? A F U to the neighborhood or the police?

  10. dan cahill says:

    Punk. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a little retribution by the owners of those vehicles, I’m sure his front windows at 3431 Lansing will cost much more than $2000 to replace repeatedly over the summer.

    1. noname says:

      don’t be like that punk quincy.

      1. noname says:

        i’m just saying because…this dirtbag caused so much damage, worry, fear in the community. f-ed things up for people financially, he should certainly pay for it…but if you give out his address there’s another block in Mayfair that is terrorized because what if someone hit’s the wrong house out of revenge? what if the news was right and he was living/renting on Englewood. appears that maybe his own parents threw his dumb ass out. please retract your comment Dan. he could probably care less if a brick came through the windows, he’s doesn’t care a thing about anybody but himself so i bet he cares even less about his family. other wise he would of thought about the embarrasement and shame this is causing them. (i’m just assuming it is, don’t know them and maybe i’m wrong cause they raised up this idiot) but having him for a son is certainly a punishment.

    2. H.E.Pennybacker says:

      Wrong street name. Lansing st is in Holmesburg. Did you go to the spiike lee school of journalism and information

      1. noname says:

        don’t you love how THIS sight will take down anything said politically incorrect but leave up and address in the hopes it will spark reprisals and they’ll have more news to report on. how grossly wrong is that? c’mon Jim Melwert, Al Novack, Nicole Brewer, Steve Beck and Diana Rocco what happened did you flunk out on citizenship in grade school. do the right thing here.

  11. Clare Peterson says:

    I know how badly the Police wanted to catch this guy. If the victims had gotten him first, take no prisoners!
    Let’s hope everyone else involved will be in Police custody soon.

  12. noname says:

    check his likeness against the one cought in video (that was published by the Northeast times two weeks ago) he looks like the guy that walked down Frankford ave vandalizing store windows.

  13. Army of One says:

    Good job, PPD. Now we need to get the others who are vandalizing vehicles as well. Is this guy half of the ‘man and woman’ duo who were slashing tires?

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