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$7,500 Reward Offered After More Tires Slashed In Mayfair

By Jim Melwert, Mike DeNardo, Jericka Duncan and Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayfair residents woke up to an all-too-familiar scene Tuesday morning: slashed tires. At least seven vehicles were vandalized overnight.

Residents have set up a neighborhood watch and police have added extra patrols in the neighborhood. But despite all that, the latest slashings — along the 4000 block of Teesdale and Aldine Streets — were discovered around midnight as police were switching shifts, so there were fewer police on the streets at the time.

Now, the City of Philadelphia and the Fraternal Order of Police are offering rewards for information leading to an arrest.

Earlier, two residents reported seeing two men along the street just before the incident happened. Police have not yet made any arrests.

Some neighbors said they’ve had to replace several sets of tires.

“I sold my truck because I couldn’t afford the tires. It’s $211 a tire. I sold my truck and as soon as I got my new car, which is across the street, they flattened the tire,” one neighbor explained.

In February alone, more than 30 car owners had their tires slashed, and some of the cars were damaged with spray paint.

You could hear the anger and frustration in the voices of residents. Anthony Haynesworth, who lives on Aldine Street, said the fact that it is so senseless makes it even more frustrating.

“What could they possibly get out of this? A couple of blocks over on Marple Street, they’re taking the wheels off the cars and leaving them up on cinderblocks. That I can see — you’re at least getting something. You aren’t getting anything out of this. You’re just costing people money.”

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said he sympathizes with the victims.

“It is irritating,” he said. “This is the fourth time we’ve had it happen somewhere in the city. This neighborhood has been hit more than once. And it’s very expensive. I mean, even if you had the cheapest set of tires you can find, you’d be spending five or six hundred dollars. So who can afford to do that? And it makes absolutely no sense. It’s just vicious. They’re just slashing the tires, not trying to steal them. It just makes absolutely no sense.”

Ramsey said, from a policing perspective, this is very frustrating.

“But what we need now is a tip. There’s somebody who knows something out here and we need to know who that is so we can find the people responsible for doing this. It just cannot continue.”

And police are hoping some reward money will help them catch the vandal or vandals.

The city has posted $2,500 in reward money, and Fraternal Order of Police president John McNesby says the FOP is putting up $5,000 more.

“This is just a basic quality-of-life crime,” he said, “with people every day going to work. I mean, you don’t want to get up every day and see damage to your car over and over again.”

Capt. Jack McGinnis says he thought at first that the vandal might stop on his own. But now, he says, he believes he’ll strike again.

Some neighbors have said that whoever is responsible for this better hope the cops catch them before neighbors do, because the anger has reached a boiling point.

But Commissioner Ramsey said police don’t want neighbors making vigilante justice:

“What we don’t want is for people to take the law into their own hands. I understand how frustrated they are, and it would certainly make you feel like you want to do that, but I don’t want to see anybody get in trouble over something like that. So, work with us, and let’s work together and find the people — not only have them arrested and prosecuted but also see to it that they have to pay restitution. People should not have to be paying out-of-pocket for these ignorants doing something like this.”

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One Comment

  1. Army of One says:

    Strategically set up video cameras in neighbors windows aimed at the parked cars (wide angled shots,of course), from one end of the blocks to the other, on both sides of the street, so that all of the vehicles are filmed. That will also see who’s coming onto the block, and see what they’re doing. Have plain clothes police in one vehicle at each end of the blocks and one in a vehicle in the middle of the blocks, and have police inside neighbors’ houses looking out as well. Just a thought. I want this to stop for these people, so I may not be thinking clearly.

  2. nirdlobkin says:

    The solution is simple. Hire a security guard or take turns staying up watching the street. The cops will gladly loan you a radio.

  3. grumpy says:

    It sure would be nice to have a “looter shooter law” in this state!

  4. Jim Wilmer says:

    Again; this is has made the news 3x. The police have stepped up man power etc. But the killing of a store owner on Longshore Ave and Tulip St. goes unsolved and unre-reported. As bad as the tire situation is; this murder was only a few blocks away. If killers get away unpunished what do you think these punks think?

  5. Fran says:

    Plain clothes police placed around the neighborhood would help instead of a marked car at the corner. Stealth will pay off.

  6. T.H says:

    Hey David Toledo maybe its Karma for all the trouble you caused in Kensington growing up…..believe me I’m sure their are plenty of neighbors willing to speak out about you…..To everyone else I am very sorry this is happening to you it is a real shame….

  7. MysteryV says:

    I wonder if it’s a local tire store drumming up business…

  8. Catfish Bob says:

    This is worse than stealing a horse.

    And you remember what we did to horse thieves . . .

  9. John Depp says:

    I vote for vigilante justice

    1. Catfish Bob says:

      You mean, string them up, and let their corpses rot for all to see?

    2. Anon513 says:

      I agree. When the Police and Town Watch fail, and there are no cameras to at least try to catch some activity, then I say vigilante justice is what’s left. It worked when the neighbors beat up that guy who raped that little girl. Vigilante Justice has got my vote. People have to take back their neighborhoods.

  10. EZE says:

    A car alarm in most cases either has a shock sensor or is tied into the electrical system and will sound if a door is opened (or something else that triggers a switch). Slashing a tire probably wont set it off unless the cars shock sensor is so sensitive that the car dropping a few inches from the air being let out triggers it.

    They REALLY need to make an example of these people who are doing this. And I don’t mean having the police involved either

    1. Army of One says:

      Oh. Ok. I guess I’m just anxious for some kind of solution to this problem for these people. Thank you.

  11. Susan G. says:

    How about video surveillance? It would be worth it.

    1. Army of One says:

      I agree. I just don’t understand how these guys could be unseen for so long. It’s such a shame …. costing people money like that. I hope they are caught soon. REAL soon.

  12. Army of One says:

    It seems all the added Police and all the Town Watch isn’t enough. I wonder do these people have car alarms? At least some car alarms should be going off during these slashings and vandalizings.

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