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  1. I’m very, very happy for the Eagles,but why didn’t the city have a parade for the Philadelphia Soul, who have won 2 championships?

  2. If you want to say a big thank you to Eagles, give a small donation to Eagles Charity 50/50. Its the BEST way to say thank you for to your favorite player, or the whole team. I think WIP should give the web site to donate!! Make your thanks count!!!!!!

  3. I refuse to become excited over the Eagle’s making it to the super bowl. I have had my heart broken to many times. To paraphrase a wise man “fool me once shame on you. Fool me 57 times shame on me” Because the last time the Eagles won a damn thing was in 1960. I was 17 years old. I will soon be 75.

    Don French

  4. DB Bridgers says:

    Regarding M.Fultz…Why not let the teenager go to the developmental league and disregard the questionable decision of putting a first pick in it?
    DB from Mt. Airy

  5. I think as many Eagles fans as possible should buy tickets for the game Sunday against the Giants. We need to take over that stadium and make it a home game environment for Nick Foles and the boys. I know the Giants are terrible, but we need to rally behind this team NOW.

  6. Paul Varga says:

    I listen to the morning show every morning on my way to work. This morning, December 6th, I couldn’t wait to hear Al Morganti or someone with a comeback line, or something, when I heard Angelo say, “My wife has the black Cox, and I have a green Johnson”. Normally, someone would of picked that one up! Great show. First time sending in a comment of any kind.


  7. Scott Cosmi says:

    This defensive crew is the best tackling group I have seen in 50 + years of Eagles football. One-on-one tackles of some the best & they make it look easy.


    Nothing is getting by these Eagles!!

  8. There a 3rd option to watching the game. We went to Jacksonville and watched it at the eagles nest and had a ball. Parked our car on someone’s lawn for 25$. Partied all night.

  9. I’m Steve from warminster and I am an Eagles hater. My prediction is that the Eagles make it to the Super Bowl but get their hearts get ripped out by Andy Reid and the Chiefs. Philadelphia’s misery will come full circle. #gowentz

  10. Jack Clymer says:

    Can someone tell me how to join the last man standing pool? I have searched everywhere and can’t find it.

  11. Morrisville softball-12- Little league regional tournament in Bristol Ct. only 3 games left.
    De 4-0 NY 3-1 Ct 3-1 Pa 3-1 Wed #16 1 pm Pa-NY #17 4pm Ct -winner from #16
    Thurs #18 noon De winner from #17..winner East Regional Champion onto Oregon Aug 9-15
    Pa Girls are doing a great job, as are coaches, Parents. They are already champions!! They were awarded Sportsmanship award from all teams prior to game today. We are so fortunate to have these talented young ladies representing Morrisville and Pa.

  12. I tired of all the Jahlil Okafor bashing. When no one else on the Sixers can play defense. If Brett Brown knows Okafor’s weakness is defense then why surround him with a lineup of guys that can’t defend. I blame the coach for the lack of development of these players

  13. When Ben Simmons comes back the Line up should be Simmons PG, Stuaskas SG, Covington SF, Illyasova PF, Embiid C

  14. Bill Cook says:

    Decamara, tired of listening to you already beating up on Andy Reid. Find something else to talk about. You sound like a big whiner.

  15. Brian Duffy says:

    The World of Tomorrow [Sports]

    Jan 11 2017

    Its a glorious day here in Philadelphia as Eagles fans
    have woken up to a NYT article that the Eagles are
    back in the playoff hunt. The shocking news came courtesy
    of New York Times sports writer Hugh Jass who explains …

    “In an astonishing turn of events the NFL has reviewed tape
    from several regular season games and determined that the
    Philadelphia Eagles actually won six games that they were not
    given credit for. Its unprecedented in the history of the league
    but you can believe it! The NFL players association has confirmed
    that players from the Dallas Cowboys are now scrambling to make
    arrangements to show up in Philadelphia for this weekends playoff

    World of Tomorrow reporter Ferris Wheeler has reaction from
    the players …

    Ferris: “Hi Carson, what do you think about the NFL’s decision
    to change the results of the regular season and give
    the Eagles new hope in the playoffs?”

    Carson Wentz: “Well its amazing really. I was hunting with a
    few of my offensive lineman when we got the news.
    Unfortunately, Jason Peters phone alert came just
    as he pulled the trigger on a six point buck and
    the resulting shot hit Lane Johnson in the ass
    so he won’t be available for the game.”

    Ferris: “Oooooh tough break, well good luck with that pass rush.

    Ferris: “More players are shuffling into the Novacare complex to
    to begin preparations for this weekends game. We had a
    chance to grab wide receiver Nelson Agholor for a quick

    “So Nelson, its been a tough year for the wide receivers
    on this team. How do you intend to prepare for that
    Dallas defense?”

    Nelson Agholor: “Well Ferris, fortunately our entire receiving
    corps are readers of the New York Times so attendance
    is 100 percent. However, it is my understanding that
    a few of the defensive backs on Dallas are actually
    readers of their local news journal and may not even
    be aware of the reality that this game is happening!”

    Ferris: “Oh that’s a tough break for them, surely their coach will
    inform them of the developments?!”

    Nelson Agholor: “Well that remains to be seen, our offensive coordinators
    are hard at work trying to manipulate his newsfeed
    to give him a fair and accurate update of our
    interpretation of what is happening.”

    Ferris “Great! That should help. Good luck in the game!”

    We now go to beat reporter Sarah Bellum with fan reaction …

    Sarah: “We’re here at Chicky and Petes where crowds have
    have been pouring in to celebrate the Eagles playoff
    birth. People have been so happy to hear of this new
    development that they are taking off work and heading
    to their local bars to celebrate.

    Crowd: ” Yay! :-D ”

    Sarah: “Here comes the owner and proprietor of Chicky and Petes,
    Justin Case. Hi Justin, what a fortuitous turn of events
    for the local bar scene huh?

    Justin: “That’s right Sarah, things have been really slow in
    the city since the Eagles forgot to sign any professional
    wide receivers this year. But we all got together and
    found a way to turn things around.”

    Sarah: “Wait a minute, are you suggesting that you somehow had
    a hand in the decision to change the playoff schedule?”

    Justin: “No Sarah, don’t be ridiculous. Its in the New York Times!”

    Sarah: “Oh okay good, its just that I have to ask the tough questions.
    You know how it is.”

    Well there you have it sports fans. The Eagles are back in the hunt and
    you can believe it! Tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon. Just call

    Polly Ester reporting for The World of Tomorrow

  16. Eli Manning has exploited the “legal intentional grounding” rule more than any other QB in the NFL. The rule that you can be on the verge of being sacked and launch it into the cheap seats if you are outside the tackles without being called for intentional grounding sucks. Take your medicine (all QBs) If the receivers are covered and you have no where to go with the football, it is what it is. Should have to take the loss or be flagged if you throw it into the seats. Tees me off everytime I see Eli do this with the defense basically having him in their grasp.

  17. Susan gallagher says:

    You are ruining wip. The new mid day is awful!

  18. LISA says:


  19. LISA says:


  20. Scot Arch says:

    I previously listened only to 94.1 Sports Talk Radio… no other Sports Station(s). I didn’t even know where to find another Sports station on the dial nor did I care if there was one. Though I was never a fan of Angelo ( his show is more about drooling over hot girls than sports ) I was a faithful fan of Anthony and of Mike and Ike. When you ( stupidly ) replaced Anthony with Josh Innis I looked for and found that other Sports station… 97.5 and started listening to Mike Missanelli rather than Josh. I still continued to tune in and listen to Mike and Ike faithfully though, but now you’ve ( stupidly ) replaced them too! Congratulations, you have now successfully converted me from your faithful 94.1 listener to a 97.5 full time listener !!! Good job 94.1 !!!!

  21. Mark says:

    Headline: President Trump to attend Roger Waters concert in Philadelphia. Says “The Wall’ is his favorite album

  22. Dan Booth says:

    Carson should definitely run once in awhile. Enourage the defense to put a spy on him so he has more guys to throw to.

  23. Andrew Pusicz says:

    The best first impression ever has to be Chase Utley. Coming out with his first hit being a Grand Slam. Then to top it off we trade him and his first appearance back in Philly is another Grand Slam… by far the best first impression ever

  24. Carol says:

    Found out by accident josh was gone cause I d stopped listening. I’m with Bob I want glen

  25. paul halpern says:

    Innis was a bad fit. He was a screamer, low class and seemed happiest functioning at the lowest common denominator. Couldn’t listen to him.

  26. Bob says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU WIP for firing Josh Inness. Now its time to bring intelligence back to afternoon sports talk radio. No more of that stuttering doofus HollisThomas! No more Marc Farzetta! Bring Macnow and Didinger to the afternoon show! PLEASE!

  27. mebigfatguy says:

    G. I’d pick Shaub over Vick for sure. Also Romo stinks in the playoffs (but so does vick) but is a much better regular season qb. How about Alex Smith… probably pick him too.

  28. kg says:

    Little Ant needs to get into Star Wars. Ant, I know you hate it but if you get him into Star wars; get him a lightsaber, he’ll soon want to hit everything…including a baseball off a tee. It took me a while to figure out where my son got his swing but ever since his obsession with Star Wars started, he’s been smacking the ball into the neighbors’ yards.

  29. Rabbit From Haddonfield says:

    Just something that’s been irritating me, and wondering if anyone else felt this way, or if I’m off base.

    What team captain gets injured and completely disappears into thin air the way Chris Pronger has? From what seems to have been reported, Pronger’s presence is gone from the Flyers with the exception of one or two brief unannounced drop-in visits to the locker room. I haven’t heard any evidence suggesting that he has any emotional investment into the team, much less exerting any form of leadership. I’d also heard that when he watched the Flyers play in person last week that the team didn’t even know he was there until he was shown on the scoreboard, though I don’t know if that’s true or not.

    When Keith Primeau suffered his career-ending concussion, in my mind it seemed that he was far more invested in the team and had a more active leadership role, even though he was unable to practice with the team. Wouldn’t Pronger’s presence and attitude be welcome in the locker room, pushing the players with the knowledge that they need to live up to their leader’s work ethic expectations as well as that of the coaches?

    I know it cannot be easy for a workhorse athlete like Pronger to be sidelined for an extensive period of time, and I feel bad for him. But on a young team that needs good leadership, I’d think that Pronger – who has shown that he can be a strong leader – would be a vital ingredient to keep the team focused properly.

  30. Nancy Manion says:

    I have lived in FL for 7 years. Miss WIP Sports radio. Just wanted to ask you guys to name JOHN ELWAY weasel of the week, – please! (Do you still do that on Friday mornings?) Followed Tebow through college and think he’s a good guy. Elway is a skunk. He loves TebowUNTIL can sign Manning! Not nice, but hope Broncos play New Orleans early – bounty time.
    Nancy Manion, formerly from Chester County, PA (all my life, until now) (Big Phillies and Eagles Fan).

    College football is very popular down here. Go Gators! Hope Tebow comes here and wins a Super Bowl (Jacksonville, Tampa Bar or Miami). Take that, Elway!!

  31. Christine Schaen says:

    I live in Delaware and was born in Philadelphia and so Philly teams are who I root for, but I am a Delaware fan and support all our teams, especially our Blue Hens. I was surprised that the Philly sports channels did not give the Women’s Basketball Team (the blue Hens)the credit they deserved on the winning of the CAA Tournament today over Drexel. March Madness took up the broadcast and that is sad that Men’s basketball is so much more imporrtant than woman’s sports. Shame on the sport broadcasters for not giving the recognition to the Delaware Blue Hen’s Women’s Basketball Champs. I am proud of their achievement from the coach, Tina Martin to the great players, especially Elena Dell Donne. Congrats Ladies Blue Hens Basketball Team.

  32. gary says:

    What moronic blowhard on WIP didn’t understand that Bryzgalov was joking when he said fans in Winnipeg were cheering for him? I no longer listen to your station but I heard a couple Flyer fans talking about it. They were in accord – your entire station is garbage.

    Was it really that difficult to detect the sarcasm?
    Or did it supposedly “make good radio” to misinterpret his comment?
    Here’s a correction – no, it made horrible radio

    I can’t think of one good host or show on your program. I’m glad I haven’t listened in about 3 years.

  33. joe says:

    Maybe I missed this BUT I keep hearing about Gregg Williams and the Bounty gate. I remember when Buddy Ryan had a bounty on Cowboy players and that was FUNNY!!!! Why is it so bad now. HMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

  34. Paul says:

    Gargano says “Sixers beating Bulls earlier this season was an anamoly”. Really, Ant? The Sixers had beat them 3 straight times and they beat them by 16 the last time? Anamoly? Stop being so dismissive; you ain’t always right!

  35. Ryan says:

    The voiceover that takes you guys into commercial breaks sounds eerily similar to the voice from the movie “Scream”. The sound of it just recently changed in the past week or so.

  36. Chickie's n Pete's Crab Fart says:

    Good Luck to all the contestants in the Great 4 for 4 Debate except for the moron Angelo!

  37. Anthony says:

    Good afternoon Boys.

    Glen could you please de-puff Ant, infact maybe you could slap him with Bry’s stick to knock some sense into Ant’s head. Are you serious?!?!?!

  38. Anthony says:

    Hey Angelo,

    My dog loves the hat, zilla would like to make some adjustments. Chew it up and give it back to you. Zilla feels it would look better…..lmao

  39. Spike says:

    I love the NBA All Star game

  40. Anthony says:

    Good afternoon boys !!!

    You saw some nipple Glen

  41. Anthony says:

    Morning everyone,

    Can we put in Ray Charles or Helen Keller for Bryz???


  42. km says:

    1.) When Harry Kalas said, “Chase Utley, You are the man.” He was forever given an vote of approval. All Philadelphians respected Harry that much. (Play that sound bite again.)

    2.) The Milwaukee Brewers are owned by Bud Selig’s daughter, MIlwauee Brewers lost Prince Fielder in the off-season, Milwaukee brewers attendance need Ryan Braun to play, Bud Selig lifted the suspension. Conspiracy Theory.

  43. Anthony says:

    hey Glen,

    Keep your rubs to yourself !!!!!!

  44. Anthony says:

    Hey Ant & Glen,

    The perfect trade

    Bryz for a beach chair, suntan lotion and a towel.

  45. Anthony says:

    yes you will replay Bryz turning around to get puck out of the net 4 times!!!!!

  46. Seth says:

    Hey guys that John Barr interview was awesome. It is always cool to me to hear a real baseball guy talk baseball. John’s laid back delivery and relaxed demeanor is all baseball. It’s as if the pace of the game or the pace of a season is the pace of his life. That kind of stuff puts me back in baseball mode. Definately have him on again.

  47. Elvis says:

    You gotta post this entire interview with John Barr (Feb-22). I need my son to hear this! GREAT JOB, GUYS!!

  48. Grace says:

    The Flyers fan base would be wise to embrace Bryz because he is not going any where. It is better to have him step on the ice feeling appreciated and respected rather than wondering if he is going to get booed and jeered. The last thing we need is to add to his current mental fragility by making him feel unwelcomed. Let’s face it, he gets mocked in other arenas, doesn’t he have a right to come home to, at least, a neutral environment. As the Flyers approach the playoffs, it is critical that they are running on all cylinders. Negativity oozing from the fan base is not helping anyone.

  49. Anthony says:

    Would love to talk with Jagr and thank him for coming to Philadelphia. He could have made more money either at Detroit or Pittsburgh. Would love to talk about his work ethic and traning. Would like to know what the difference between the KHL and the NHL are besides the players.

    Thank you

  50. Anthony says:

    Outraged at the non-display of heart……tired of seeing star players coming to play some nights and other nights disappear example……Giroux

    A so called number #1 goalie that looks like a pee wee league type Bryz aka swiss cheese.

  51. Skippy says:

    People forecasting the Phils demise…are the lunatic fringe. They will do much better without all the fanfare and expectations of last year. BTW, the Phillies actually scored more total runs than the Giants or Cardinals in those two series. Just weren’t opportunistic in the cluthch

  52. Jerry A says:

    I’ve only been a listener a few months, so I am still learning the personalities, but -(2/16/12 on the Angelo Cataldi morning show) the fake ‘Jay Leno’ making the Chinese stereotype ‘jokes’ about Jeremy Lin, NOT FUNNY. Stick to sports and leave the Limbaugh-esque slurs and inuendo to WPHT. There are ways to trash New York teams without lowering your station into that racist slime pit.

  53. Shane B. says:

    Flo on the Progressive commercials makes me want to rip my ears off. Time for a new ad campaign Progressive!

  54. Anthony says:

    Al, please put Angelo back to bed till next week !!!!!

    Al see you tonight when you go to get your pizza

  55. Richie says:

    There is a guy that calls who’s name is Andy, Cuz always reads right through him and Glen puts him in his place, Andy is a capitol Tool, he calls every show and acts like he knows more than the host on every show. Shut up Andy the biggest tool, you don’t know more than the host, they are professionals!

  56. NewYorkHater says:

    Has anyone said Stephen A. Smith as a Tool yet? Using your middle inital for everything is a ‘tool move’ don’t ya think?

  57. nick says:

    top three past or present nhl goaltenders I could score on…

  58. Anthony says:

    Very very nice thank eddy for my 51 million dollar tea

  59. Anthony says:

    Tell Luko he was fleeced and that his 51 million COSMO-NUT needs to come back to earth. Carle has been shown how suspect he is without Pronger. Bryz you need to start refunding the season ticketholders and Snider!!!!

    Very nice Very Nice please show me the way out !!!!!!

  60. Ryan says:

    Violation seen in NY on Sunday before the Flyers game. Girl wearing a Rangers jersey with “Mrs Dubinsky” on the back. Bar was too crowded to call her out.

  61. Stephon says:

    94 WIP & Sixers Fans !! Would Gilbert Areanas be a Good Fit ? He certainly has proved to be a Finisher. At this point in his career does he still have it….is the risk/reward worth it ?

  62. Charles says:

    Hopefully with a full offseason under his belt Juan will have the guts to stand up to Washburn. Cuz you hit it on the head that Juan has to make it known very early in camp that this is his defense. Also, he flat out has to demand from these guys early on that soft play will not be tolerated. If that means benching somebody for a series or two so be it. Outside of that defense being devoid to talent at the LB and Safety position. This defense lacks toughness! Also, it would hurt to make his displeasure known to Mr. Vick when he puts his defense in a precarious position on the field.

    1. BP says:

      I am done with this team and organization. Although I hate the Giants and can’t stand their obnoxious fan base I will have to say that they are an organization that knows how to build a team…..which is through the draft, how to develop their players, and create a championship caliber team. The Eagles organization has no clue on how to build a team. For example when we had the opportunity to pick JPP in the 2008 or 2009 draft we picked a DE out of Washington (I can’t even pronounce the guys name!) and he was cut. Great pick….who’s decision was it to draft him….Howie Roseman???? When I think of a football guy Howie Roseman isn’t the first name that I think of. Philly fans we will never win a championship under the Lurie regime so get used to seeing teams in our own conference continue to get better by building their teams in the draft and key free agency acquisitions because it will never happen here.

  63. Timmy T says:

    That Guy that just called is totally in violation his wife has no say about sports no way thats how we live his wife probally picks out what boxers he’s going to wear everyday come on dude lol.

  64. Timmy T says:

    Hey Cuz Hey Glenn you need some type of bell or cowbell for your butler @ the rumpshaker he’s going to die hearing that bell all night.

  65. PK says:

    Glen and Anthony, Love your show. Going to my first Sixers game next Wednesday against the Nets. Go Sixers!

  66. Gyle McCollam says:

    When are the Eagles going to realize that we need to hear the questions as well as the answers at their press conferences!

  67. GB says:

    I wonder if anyone will ask Jeff Lurie if he realizes that winnning the last meaningless game against the Redskins cost his team at least 3 spots in the draft order behind the cowboys, seahawks and cardinals and perhaps 4 (not sure about the tie breaker with the chiefs). I am sure the standard answer will be we are professionals and play to win every game, yet if the game actually meant something do we really think Shady would have been on the bench? I doubt it.

  68. Barry says:

    Week 17 Flex scheduling rules, per Wikipedia:
    The week 17 game on Sunday night is decided exclusively by the NFL, with no restrictions; CBS and FOX cannot protect games, but NBC cannot pick its game. There are no restrictions on which game the NFL can select. Since 2010 when the NFL began scheduling only divisional matchups in week 17, it is possible an intradivisional game that appeared on national TV previously could be selected again. The NFL will only select such a game if there is no other suitable option.

  69. Pete says:

    Cuz – Look at this ESPN.com story!


    The undertones are typical national media bias against Philly!! Some old stuff!! I am not even sure if this is story is accurate as I have heard different account of the years!

  70. Mark says:

    Please be careful not to link Paterno and Conlan in the same light. You can argue whether Paterno should have done more. Conlan and Sandusky are being accused of abusing children not Paterno.

  71. CATHY says:


  72. cathy says:


  73. greg says:

    Really $60 adults and $40 to skate at the ice.
    Are they kidding.
    $240 for a family of 5 without skates.
    I guess the Sniders think we are all millionaires.

  74. kevin says:

    Yo Cuz! Little Andy is back!!! Andy Reid is a not on the national radar because he is boring! Only thing not boring about him are the gravy stains on his black jump suit!

  75. Joey Poon says:

    Let’s get the sixers to bring back big shot! The new mascot ideas are terrible! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=173750744706&ref=ts

  76. luther says:

    Glen and Angie really need to listen to a replay of there shows, are they really grown-up men. I mean tripping over a birthday video, really!!!!! By the way from all the hate I’m hearing on the radio maybe its time for the team to move to another city, ,they really need to get out of this hostile city and let the fans, since they are so smart start their own franchise.

  77. mark says:

    Hoops alive! Ok hopefully, some team will want Iggy! What about signing free agent washington guard Nick Young to play the 2 guard. He is 6-7 as compared to 6-1 Lou Williams and Meeks can come off the bench.

  78. Steve says:

    Just letting Barkann know it is the Stockholm Syndrome, as opposed to the Helsinki Syndrome.

  79. Rick in AZ says:

    Eagles Fan in Arizona
    For Eskin and Reese: I don’t believe getting rid of Reid is the answer. I think the Eagles downfall started when they blew that second half lead against the 49’ers. This team has been outschemed after halftime in almost every game. Teams learn how to expose the defense and Castillo has no clue in countering the changes. I think Reid made a huge mistake in choosing Castillo as def coord. but if you look at his complete tenure as head coach, they have had one hell of a run. I wouldn’t fire someone for making one mistake, but they definitely need to bring in someone to mesh that talented group of individuals who do not play as a team on defense. Offense is solid, and they have the talent to win a superbowl. Get someone like Jimmy Johnson (old school) back in charge of the defense and you will see the Eagles return to a 10+win season like Andy Reid has had consistently over the past 10 years…..

  80. Joe says:

    Anthony just ripped a caller for ripping his buddy Steve Spagnuolo. Granted, Anthony did point out that he’s a little defensive because he is a friend of the Rams coach. But Anthony claimed that the caller couldn’t follow the Rams’ situation closely because he doesn’t know what goes on inside the Rams building.

    I’m not weighing in on the Spagnuolo situation. But Anthony’s logic holds for someone following the Eagles from NJ also. The average Eagles fan who calls in has no idea what goes on inside the NovaCare Complex either. But Anthony doesn’t rip everyone who is calling for Andy Reid’s head.

    I’m sure Anthony has a better idea of Spagnuolo’s credentials and capabilities. But he didn’t need to belittle the caller to make that point.

  81. Jeff says:

    Ike Reese has the Eagles situation nailed…no confidence or trust in the coaches, by the players into the system, or between the old and new teamates. It starts with the head coach making a horrible decision on his defensive coordinator, followed by the players not knowing whose “system” to believe in, the one they have been sold since Jim Johnson’s death or the one devised by the offensive line coach. Just look at the championship teams…is there any doubt about what is expected of everyone?

  82. Jimmy says:

    Barkann called for the “fall of Penn State as we know it.” Boeheim is to Syracuse basketball as Paterno is to Penn State football. Where’s the pugnacious approach you employed with the PSU scandal? Does Ike Reese even know what pugnacious means

  83. Joe B says:

    Anthony & Glen, Eagles wouldn’t be looking for a linebacker if they took Sean Lee with the pick they gave to Dallas.

  84. km says:

    Hey Rhea – Is this a possible holiday destination for Temple’s football program?

    Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
    December 24, 2011 Honolulu, HI, 8:00 pm ESPN
    C-USA No. 6 vs. WAC (Hawaii, if eligible)
    Projection: Temple* vs. Utah State

  85. km says:

    When I heard about Paterno’s illness, I thought of Cardinal Bevilaqua claiming to have Dimensia. It’s sad to see they’re sick, but it is convenient to get the focus off the details of a trial.

  86. Kevin says:

    New entrance song for Papelbon: Use the former entrance theme of ECW Wrestler Taz. The theme was referred to as “Survive If I Let You”. ECW has strong Philadelphia roots and this theme is badass. Perfect for a killer closer to enter with.

  87. Tricia says:

    Anybody know where I can find the Andy Reid song played on show this morning?? It was awesome.

  88. Reese says:

    I was listening to the Mike and Ike show but now the internet feed is down.

  89. PSU Alum 03 & 10 says:

    If we should learn anything from the firing of Joe Pa it’s that no one is above being fired. As a die hard PSU and Eagles fan, it’s time for Andy to go so that the team can be put in a better place to win which is under the direction of a new coach.

  90. Mark C. PSU alum 93, 96, 02 says:

    Funny how people are jumping to conclusions without all the facts regarding Paterno and the administration. Due to the delay of McQuerry in reporting, I am not sure that he told Paterno everything. If you are going to have a cover up, don’t you think Paterno would have gone to Curley and Shultz right away and not risk this being out there for a few days. If it was more critical because of Paterno’s body of work, I believe he would have taken action. I think McQuerry did not tell everything at the time because of Sandusky’s status in Happy Valley and be known as the Grad assistant that took the legend Sandusky down. When in front of the grand jury and realizing the severity and scope of the situations that occurred he came 100% clean.

    When Joe said in his statement that he wish he had done more. That could mean a lot. It could mean he wish he didn’t put his trust in the admin and VP responsible for the campus police or that he wishes he pushed McQuerry for more details.

  91. jerry says:

    Hello Sir,
    The Investigation Discovery channel released an episode in their show “Disappeared”, highlighting the Gricar case a few years ago. There are so many red flags, and what I believe to be similarities that connect the Gricar disappearance to the Sandusky case. I truly believe that in the coming weeks and months, many more details linking these two cases will come to light. I truly hope that a murder of a public official was not covered up also. Below, I have some links that I have found on the matter. I do not know if you have already found them but if not, I wanted you to know. Thanks so much, Jerry.
    P.S. on YouTube, you can watch (in 3 or 4 segments), the entire Investigation Discovery segment on the Gricar case. Also, there is a 3 piece segment on the case showcasing another show called “haunting evidence”. It is rather bone chilling.


  92. Will says:

    PSU Scandal: The crimes that Jerry Sandusky is accused of committing are disgusting, inexcusable, and beyond explanation. Anyone who was made aware of these crimes and did little to stop them should be ashamed. However, the firing of Joe Paterno tonight for telling his boss but no one else about what he knew is wrong. If firing someone is the action to be taken for less-than-satisfactory whistle-blowing, not only are more people at PSU in trouble, the majority of us are also in trouble. Crimes happen every day, few are as egregious as child molestation, but many are witnessed and ignored. How many times do we hear about people who stood by and did nothing to help victims? Or witnesses who did not come forward to help prosecute criminals? I’m not saying Joe Paterno did enough to handle this situation but at least he did something.
    The precedent has now been set to fire anyone at PSU who didn’t do “enough”. The hypocrisy of the Board of Trustees actions tonight is very disturbing:
    • Who defines what was “enough” action?
    • Will the Board of Trustees now clean house of everyone who knew about this but did no more than tell their boss?
    • Spannier and Paterno have been fired. Why is the University still paying for the defense of the only two officials brought up on criminal charges as well as allowing one of them to essentially still be employed? Fire non-indicted officials but vigorously defend the indicted ones??
    • When will the Trustees fire themselves? This also happened under their watch and now they are making matters worse with snap decisions.
    • The Trustees say there is enough evidence to fire Joe Paterno tonight. However, no other decisions have been made because they don’t know enough details and it’s too soon to judge. Excuse me? They are clearly using Joe Paterno as a scapegoat. Will they be removing his name from the library tonight as well??
    Joe Paterno is human like the rest of us after all. He handled this situation to the minimum and should have done more but the rest of the University handled it worse (and continues to do so). I am a Penn State alumni and Joe Paterno is my idol. These events do not change those facts. The actions of the Board of Trustees tonight were cowardly, self-serving, rash, and dripping with hypocrisy. They have prompted me to cancel my PSU Alumni Association credit card and pledge to never support the University again financially. The Trustees should finish cleaning house of EVERYONE who knew about this but didn’t do enough, then they should all also resign, “unanimously”.

  93. km says:

    Is Marty Morningwieg’s son a QB recruit going to Penn State next season?

  94. KC says:

    My son is a sophmore at Penn State Main Campus. I told him to feel free to transfer to Temple or Rutgers because PSU has no character or integrity. He feels that the school “is being run by perjuring idiots.” I’m glad he hasn’t drank the Happy Valley Joe Pa kool-aide. As a father I’m proud he can see through the BS. He is still going to the game this weekend not honor JoePA but to support the football players who are caught in the middle of this tragedy. Hopefully the Trustees will clean house and start the Tom Ridge / Meyer or Golden era now.

  95. Dave Owsik says:

    Anthony and Glen:

    I just looked up Chas Henry and according to wikipedia chas threw 17 touchdowns in HS his senior year. sure didnt look like it.

  96. Jason says:

    Let me end this Avant thing.
    If what he said about being fairweather hurts your feelings – he must have been talking about you.
    I have no problem with Avant, because I’m NOT fairweather..DONE!

    1. Jason says:

      I think your meaning of Fairweather is off here.

      Fairweather fans are the worst. They are the ones who hoot and hollar when the wins are there and disappear to a winning team when the team loses.

      Here is the Fairweather fan test:
      If you put on your Eagle green before the Skins game, you are just a fan.
      If you put on your backup team colors, you are fairweather. You suck.
      Avant called out the right guys, they just aren’t listening because they are cheering for team X until the Eagles start to lead the division.

  97. kevin says:

    Had to turn off the radio, too much talking about Jason Avant.

  98. Jason in AZ says:

    Fellas, If they let DeSean leaves after playing for less than Smith makes while being the main reason safetys play so far from the LOS. He makes it easier for Shady and tends to run DBs off allowing Vick to get his yards too. Pay the man or he torches us worse than he ever did the VAGiants.

  99. fywxop says:

    Hi, my tag is Jack, appreciated all in the forum! :)

  100. Ray says:

    Glen, you are a moron! Why do listeners call you prof? You recently stated the Philly’s should keep Poly to spell Chase and Ryan but that they needed a new 3rd baseman. Poly – 3 gold gloves/ .300 career avg. hitter. Hey Glen, do you remember your prediction? Birds 77 – Redskins 0 Moron!

  101. tom arnold says:

    Who cares what Avant said!! You are either a die hard fan or not..whether we are 10-6…or 6-10…i love the eagles and will stand by them..For those of you who dont, dont jump back on the bandwagon when we start winning…It like a marriage ..Til death do us part

  102. tim says:

    I liked to thank for makeing me choose another station with your new lineup mike and Ike don’t work and macnow and cus have been together to long thank you

  103. Jim says:

    I’ll be crucified for this, but I’m going to put it out there anyway and say that Charlie Manuel has to go. Since winning the Series in 2008, the Phils have taken a step downward every year from the year prior.

    In 2009, they added Lee to Hamels, went to the series, and lost. In 2010, they added Halladay and Oswalt to Hamels, made it to the NLCS, and lost. In 2011, they added Lee back to Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels, and made it only to the NLDS, and lost.

    Charlie was a great manager, but his managing style no longer fits this team. When the Phils were clicking on all cylinders offensively, it worked. However, since 2008, their offensive production has simmered down. It’s never been more evident that is true because with the pitching staff they had this year, they would have set a single season record for wins had the offense produced.

    “small bal” isn’t as sexy as hitting homeruns into the second level, but when you have a pitching staff with a staff ERA of 3 or so, every run counts. You know you’re going to be in just about every game. So, during a time when your offense is struggling, but you have the best pitching staff ever throwing for you, EVERY run counts.

    I don’t care if you’re Schmidt, Howard, Babe Ruth, or Barry Bonds………if you have runners at 1st and 2nd base and no one out, you’ve got to move the runners over. this team has never “manufactured” runs. That’s not Charlie’s management style. but this team is no longer built to fit Charlie’s management style. So, it’s time to make a chnage for change sake. Sometimes, it’s just the right time to part ways, and go a different direction. Trying to force a team to fit Charlie’s management style doesn’t work. It’s time to store those great memories away somehwere safe, and to move on and generate new, great memories.

    It was a great run with Charlie.

  104. Drew says:

    It was 24 degrees and the truck was covered with ice yesterday morning when I went out to warm it up to go watch that pathetic display of Eagles(?)football. I don’t know about Glenn’s Russian Winter but my Alaskan winter is here. This team is 1-7 since that lucky come back win against the Giants last year. The Vikings exposed the vulnerability to the safety and corner blitz and the turnovers have been non-stop ever since that game. That Phillies loss was the most painful loss in my 50+ years as a Philly sports fan. Unfortunately, the ’74 and ’75 Stanley Cup Flyers are the only Philly team I’ve seen with that stomp on the throat killer instinct. 3 of the 4 runs scored after the 2nd inning of any game in games 2 through 5 came on the Francisco homer. Cliff wasn’t the only one that collapsed in game 2, the hitters went home after the second inning in that game, too.

  105. auntdebbie224 says:

    It hurts. The Phillies loss in Game 5 really hurt. I really relate to Anthony Gargano. I didn’t want to listen to anything but Phillies talk. I still don’t want to talk about anything but Phillies. Help me understand WHY. I’m exhausted from the 2011 ride. What a ride! What an ending. I felt it building to a finish when Howard came up to bat in the 7th inning. I tweeted that if Howard came up to bat again, after the 7th, and didn’t produce… again… that I thought the fans might riot. Little did I know that the ending, starring Ryan Howard, would be so stunning, that we didn’t even have the energy left to riot. The fans that night tried their hardest to be the 10th man. We cheered, conjoled, pleaded, waved rally towels, booed, clapped, sang, screamed, stood, sat, stood, sat and stood some more. Nothing that we did could have helped this team. How awful. They need a psychologist in the locker room. That should be the 10th man. I feel even worse when I see Jimmy and Shane tweet about the great weather, their golf games, closing the pool. Oh well, there’s always next year. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!??????

  106. chris says:

    Jimmy Rollins wants to talk to the media tomorrow? LOL
    Goodbye Jimmy , you have no leverage at all. We can go young cheap and a good glve and still get a productive .240 for a lot less. let take a hot at Aramis Ramirez and Brandon Phillips
    Goodbye Lidge,Oswalt and Ibanez.

  107. Marc50pro says:

    Reid, Castillo, I sure hope you guys are’nt getting paid because neither of you are worth a quarter. As for the team, a big bunch of over rated, over hyped, over paid, non talented bunch of idiots to ever wear the Eagles uniform. They should be banned from playing anymore games this year save the embarassment, their nothing but a “BIG JOKE”. SCRUBS

  108. J Graham says:

    Hey Angelo and pals. How’s that getting rid of #5 thing working out for you? All you guys did was b**** and complain about him and now you got what you wanted. Birds look great and you’re winning right.? you all wanted the QB gone as that was the problem right? Birds won’t have another 10 year run like that again….

  109. Bob says:

    Gargano is an IDIOT……He thinks he knows sports…..He has NO CLUE….Gargano please stick to eating,because that’s what you do best…..

    1. Don says:

      Bob is right he’s a IDIOT HE SUCK’S

  110. Jes says:

    Fire Manuel NOW, get rid of Ibumyez,Oswalt,J Hole, Gload,Martinez,Dominic Brown,Herndon,Polanco……Juan Samuel….This Tean is FINISHED…Howard’s carerr is OVER

  111. Jim says:

    Gargano needs to man up and apologize to the fans he mocked at the end of the regular season for being worried about the Phillie’s bats. Him and Glenn even played music that made those fans look even dumber.
    You gotta tell them they were right, cuz.

  112. Matt Migliore says:

    It’s sad to hear all the folks who are flying off the handle after tonight’s Phillies’ loss. I guess you’ll all want to get back on board if they lose game 5. Hopefully the fans who are going to the game on Friday will bring their A-game, and do their job as fans to help lift the team to the NLCS. Make it a nightmare for Carpenter fans!!! Bandwagon jumpers … I got no time for you. Go Phillies!!! Greatness never comes easy.

  113. Al Kleister says:

    I think Shady McCoy is getting WAY to many carries… We should run one of the best running back in the league, LESS. 9 carries last week was way to much. Especially with a 3 touchdown lead in the 3rd quarter. What Andy “the great” should do to switch it up, is to maybe run play action, or even line Vick up in the shot gun with 5 wide, on 3rd and inches. We need to PASSSSSSS more andy.

  114. Robby says:

    Howard Eskin went on San Francisco Radio last Friday and gave a “stone-lock” guarantee that the Eagles would win the 9er game. He said there was “absolutely no way” the Eagles would fall to 1 & 3. He was so confident, he even promised to ride a bike from Philly to SF if there Niners were to win. He’s either going to be in the best shape of his life or he’ll drop dead of a heart attack after this ride.

  115. Walt R says:

    The difference between mike vick and Aaron Rodgers is 6 D’s with over 400 yards of passiong.

  116. Jeffry Cadorette says:

    It’s Monday morning and my opinion has not changed. Fire Andy Reid. Hire Jon Gruden. Not next week. Not this Friday. TODAY!!!!!!!

  117. eaglefan76 says:

    Eagles are the worst team in the NFL. The seson is all but over. Thax coach Reed! thank god for the Pillies.

    1. DMC says:

      You call Reid a ‘coach’ …he can not even hold his team responsible and do their jobs! That is what a real coach does! He has not done this and never will!! Phila fans stop paying for this ruddish of a football team. Lurie is stealing your money and does not even care what kind of product he gives you!!!

  118. russ says:

    The Eagles are Fraud’s! They are marketing Hype. Maybe now talk radio will be dominated by Philadelphia’s Real winners. The Fightin Phils, not these poorly coached frauds!

  119. Rich says:

    For all the hype WIP puts out about 94.1 being sync’ed with the Eagles, it’s just hype.

    The game broadcast is still behind the actual game.

  120. chuck says:

    Can 94 WIP please get Paul Jolivitz off the air once and for ALL! He’s a pompous idiot who thinks he’s better than the listeners and callers! He talks down to people all the time also! He’s just a bad host who should have been off the air a long time ago and he’s also not entertaining all all!!! PS- I also see that the metafast diet didn’t last long with him either!!!

    1. J Graham says:

      Yeah WIP has a few AS** on different programs. They put people down and they feel that they are such experts…..It’s unbearable.

  121. KongaKen says:

    KongaKen: Any Philly sports fan, who puts more attention to The Eagles, Flyers, etc,. over The Phillies, is NOT a true bolld Philadelphia sports fan. This better be the largest parade down Broad Street, in history, For this best Phillies team and Manager in history. Lame escuses and comments welcome.

  122. VT says:

    Al, dont be sucked in by the ESPN footage you saw of SOME of the Rays fans leaving in the 7th and 8th innings..although the place wasnt full (which is another whole different issue), most people stayed (go watch highlights of the walk off and you will see that)… you of all people should know how ESPN sensationalizes their sports reporting! Phillies/Rays in WS again….

  123. Matt Hartman says:

    The Phillies could open with Milwaukee in the Best of 5 Divisional Series and that’s a worry. If the Brewers lose tonight and Arizona wins they will finish with the same record and Arizona will be the 2 seed because they won the season series. So if Atlanta gets the Wild Card the Phils will face the Brewers.

    Anything can happen in a best of 5 so I’d rather see the Brewers in a Best of 7. Your thoughts….

  124. Chris says:

    We need to bring Lofa Tatupu MLB.

  125. bob says:

    If you told your boss that something was your responsibility and you kept failing or saying it will get better how long would you have that job? Andy must go, I a tired of hearing his excuses after a loss, just replay any of them they are all the same

  126. Jeff says:

    I remember a playoff game with Arizona and New Orleans…… Kurt Warner threw an interception and tried to stop the runner who caught his pass. He was nailed by a defender and was injured. So stop complaining that Vick doesn’t get calls. Kurt Warner didn’t

  127. ron cahoone says:


  128. John Baird says:

    new name for eagles d money for nothing

  129. Isidoro Laude says:

    Why can’t WIP have the play by play on the radio properly synced with the action on the tv? Merril is two seconds ahead of the action!

    1. Matt says:

      I agree, 94 WIP: PLEASE sync the play-by-play on the radio with the action on the TV broadcast!!

  130. JB says:

    Hey Cuz, Don’t you realize people outside of Philly can hear you? You’re the last person I want to represent the people of this region! You have more goofy quirks than a cartoon(food on your plate can’t touch each other; you loooovvvveeee any man with a number his back; little girl from out of town shouldn’t be given a baseball by a ballgirl(real good one!). My God! Do you hear yourself! As for your EXPERT knowledge, you(and glen) told us that Victorino and Werth were just role players, and this year you said the same thing about John Mayberry. Real good judge of talent! I think you should follow Eskin(your mentor), and maybe get a show where you can impress people. Maybe Kentucky?!! What a role model for your son! Poor kid!!!

  131. KGM says:

    You should ask Phil Martelli to comment on the Temple / Penn State football game. Also, does he think The Big East will fold & maybe give a few A-10 schools a chance to switch conferences? That could be good for SJU or Temple & very bad for Villanova basketball fans.

  132. ron cahoone says:

    when are the eagles going to wake up.n you don’t win super bowls with running quaterbacks. and only one black quaterback ever won then he disappeared. take a page from the phils and get a good gm.

    ron from fla

  133. J> McK says:

    U have been advertising all week that the game (eagles) would b sync on the radio ! well its NOT !!! verry upsetting !

  134. Ron S. says:

    Congratulations Phillies you have won the NL east. If two teams tie a division but the loser will be the wild card there is not a play in game. It goes to tie breakers. The first tie breaker is head to head, which if the Braves win out and the Phillies lose out would be 9-9. The second tie breaker is record without interleague play. If the Braves win out and the Phillies Lose out the Phillies would win this tiebreaker with an 88-59 record and the Braves with a 87-60.

    So no matter what happens the Phillies have already clinched the NL East Divison!

  135. km says:

    You should have asked Phil Martelli to comment on the Temple / Penn State football game. Also, was it coincidence that both the Phillies & Eagles are playing on National TV at 8PM Sunday?

  136. Bruce the Real says:

    Seriously, is there anyone left that Eskin is not sucking up to. Jerry West?!???!! Shave your beard, burn your stupid clothes, and go to New York or so something. Can’t even get rid of him when you get rid of him. Ugh!

  137. KM says:

    Did Ike Reese play in Atlanta the same year as Vick? Ask Vick if he watches the Phillies.

  138. Dan O says:

    They retired the Burger King and Eskin, truth they are one in the same.

  139. Rich says:

    Great move going to the FM dial!!! Cant wait!! Great marketing!!!

    1. Dan O says:

      Yes, the echo from the stereo is faaaaabbbbulousssss.

  140. pablo says:

    listen to my friends eagles rap song, no curses i swear. it’s good- http://bkane.bandcamp.com/track/eagles-fans-anthem

  141. pablo says:

    listen to my friends eagles rap song, no curses i swear. it’s goodhttp://bkane.bandcamp.com/track/eagles-fans-anthem

  142. Bob says:

    Why will nobody give Mayberry the credit he deserves. He is a better outfielder then Brown.

  143. andrew p says:

    The Govenor is on the new linup !!!!!!

    1. Bill V says:

      I know CBS and WIP are not that stupid to have him on air, but if somehow his annoying voice and worthless opinions on sports made it to our airways I would never listen to WIP ever again in my life.

  144. KM says:

    You are correct to criticize the ETN broadcast. However, Al & Kieth Jones are “Homers” in the same way for Flyers games broadcast on Comcast Sportsnet.

  145. Gary Werkheiser says:

    Hollywood Phillies Phanatics heading to Dodger Stadium – Got a group of 40 Philly area homies now living in Hollywood CA area heading to the game tonight (safety in numbers). We’ll be down the left field line, and we’ll be LOUD. Our hangout for Phillies, Eagles and Flyers is Big Wangs in Hollywood. Many of us will be there tomorrow and Wednesday too. Go Phillies!

  146. km says:

    Did you see ENTOURAGE on HBO last night? There was a framed Dan Carcillo Flyers jersey hanging on the wall in Ari’s office?

  147. km says:

    You neglected to ask Banner about the loss of David Akers. Maybe that’s a question to ask Andy. He was the teams’ all-time leading scorer and now he is a kicker for the 49ers.

  148. louiethesyrian says:

    If Vince Young comes on board as a backup for Vick, it;’s a lock the Birds wont make it to the big show, with these 2 troublemaking nutbars playing quarterback. lmfao

  149. Jeff johnson says:

    Im waiting for the new orleans saints too cut reggie bush the eagles are getting reggie bush thats the first move they make.

  150. Jeff says:

    My wish list for birds reggie bush,b dawkins,haynesworth,ike taylor and two defensive ends.

  151. Richard Head says:

    I love it! I live in Boston and I hate Boston fans too! But I especially hate Red Slob fans, they truly suck! Same goes for Pats fans!

    But not the Bruins fans! They rock and so do the Bruins!

  152. karim says:

    The Ramiro & Pebbles Morning Show!!

  153. M&M says:

    chowda….they tawk funny

  154. gish says:

    Hate: Boston’s crooked politicians – the last three speakers of the Massachusetts House of Representatives have been convicted of major crimes.

  155. Chris says:

    Hate Boston Rob and his wife Kim

  156. gish says:

    Hate: Hearing locals refer to it as “Title Town”, “City of Champions”
    Duck boat championship parades
    Dropkick Murphys

  157. Jay Wright says:

    Fever Pitch/Jimmy Fallon and Dane Cook

  158. Adam Reif says:

    BOSTON HATE: I hate the whole redsox.com nation thing

  159. Shiggy says:

    Dennis Johnson’s Freckles……

  160. Elon Chris says:

    Tom Brady’s Hair should get it’s own spot

  161. SD says:

    Hate: Kevin McHale’s kneepads, Kevin McHale’s shoulders, Kevin McHale’s trot up the court …… how about just Kevin McHale!

  162. Dan Bryan says:

    How about how people that live within 1000 miles of Boston root for the Sox

  163. HateTheSox says:

    i’m surprised no one has said this already, J.D. Drew.

  164. Flyer Fan says:

    Boston Bruins

  165. Chris Watson says:

    Green Monster

  166. Mark Neff says:

    The stupid accent

  167. john laursen says:

    chowder heads

  168. John Ascola says:

    Curt Schilling.An attention starved phony ,whining weasal.

  169. Ryan Southwick says:

    I love love the Flyers trades! Out with the old!

  170. Kathy says:

    Love the Flyers’ moves! Richards failed as a captain and was becoming more and more complacent in that role. Carter was a nice sniper to have but is replaceable. The influx of new, young talent, draft picks, a true # 1 goalie, and hopefully installing Pronger as the captain will bode well for the Flyers future.

  171. J Senick 3rd says:

    Its embarassing enough for Philly to a have a statue of rocky a cartoon, now he gets into some bogus hall of fame. Everyone knows boxing is fake, all predetermine as to who wins & who loses. Boxing is a joke, should not even be consider a sport. If your going to honor a real champion. Try Bruno Sammartino the living legend himself. The greatest champion of all time. For selling out the Spectrum & other arena’s in the northeast while he was champ. He deserves a statue!

  172. KM says:

    WHat if Little Anthony grows up to be a star NCAA Linebacker (Penn St. or Notre Dame) and then gets drafted by the Dallas Cowboys? Is the Cuz’ able to become a Cowboys fan? Jerry Jones will be signing the kid’s paycheck!

  173. Chuck Bailer says:

    lET ME SAY TO ALL OF YOU losers ripping Mike Richards that the man played hurt this year! And anyone who thinks he should be traded doesn’t know the game of hockey!!! As for that drama queen Tim Pinnacio, I’m glad that Richards and Pronger ripped you because all you ever do is try to stir up stuff between the players! Your a poor hockey writer who knows nothing about the game that you cover! Since your such a drama queen I suggest that you go write for TMZ or someone like that! PS- I implore flyers fans not to believe a word that this man writes about the flyers because he’s truly CLUELESS!!!!

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