Torri Hunter answers the question “is he bitter about the Josh Hamilton Deal?”  An ESPN commentator takes things too far.  No, this time we really mean it.   And find out some of the ridiculous ways millionaire athletes spend their money in this week’s That Thing You Missed.

Dumb and Dumber

Sports commentators say stupid things all the time.  It’s almost part of their charm.  It adds to our delight and frankly, it gives us something else to talk about with our co-workers. 

Rob Parker, however, took it one step too far by making the coup de grace, – the holy grail of ridiculous statements during an interview on ESPN when he asked if Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III was “A brother? Or is he a cornball brother?”

Excuse me? Parker then went on to insinuate RG3 isn’t “really” black because he has a white fiancé and just might be *gasp* a Republican. 

Oy vey.

So, Rob, black men don’t marry white women? What century are you living in?

And, there are no black Republicans?  Do the names Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell ring a bell?

During the interview fellow correspondent Stephen A. Smith even chimed in to say he was really “uncomfortable” with Parker’s comments.   

Wow. It’s a pretty safe bet you’ve gone off the deep end if Stephen A. Smith is the one who has to reel you in. 

Story Via CBS Washington

Do Not Let Alfonso Soriano Pimp Your Ride

If you’re major league ball player who has earned more than $120,000,000 in your career, just how do you spend all that cash?

Well if you’re Alfonso Soriano you apparently design the most hideous looking vehicle you can imagine and blow over a 100 grand on pimping it out.

Then, after your friends mock you about it long enough, you try to sell it on eBay.

Hey guys, before you even think about making this purchase here’s a tip:  Unless you’re employed as a clown or never want to get lucky again – find a better investment.

Story Via CBS Chicago

Foul Pay

Or, if you’re Chris Wilcox of the Celtics you can throw $25,000 out the window by flipping off the “Kiss Cam” during a loss to the Sixers.

When he showed up on the Jumbotron during a time out – he made the vile gesture and was rightfully booed.

Then he was fined by the NBA.

Yeah, I know the “Kiss Cam” is kinda annoying, Chris.  But it’s also kinda part of your job.

Wilcox’s teammates say he wasn’t actually giving the finger to the camera.  So then I want to know exactly who WAS he giving the finger to?

Story Via @SpikeEskin CBS Philadelphia

Burning Desire

And speaking of burning through money…

Well-known cigar lover Michael Jordan has reportedly built a 12.4 million dollar “manse” completely designed to spec to handle massive amounts of smoke. 

It sits on an exclusive golf course in Jupiter, Florida.  And for his bank account’s sake – Let’s hope they let him wear cargo shorts there – or he may have to build himself a villa to play golf in too.

Story Via CBS Chicago

Bitter End?

You’d think Torri Hunter would be a happy man living large.  Last I heard, he was thrilled after signing a two year $26 million deal with the Tigers  – coming off a pretty kick-ass season.

But, that didn’t exactly appear to be the case Thursday when news broke the Angels had signed Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton to a five year $125 million dollar deal.

That’s when Hunter Tweeted this:

You see, Angels owner Arte Mareno failed to come through with a $13.3 million dollar offer to keep Hunter earlier this fall.

So, in an attempt to tell the story CBS Local Sports stated the obvious in a Tweet:  “Is Tigers’ Torii Hunter Bitter Over the Josh Hamilton Deal? “

Now, I thought it was clear the question was rhetorical – but to my surprise.  Hunter did not.  And he responded.


C’mon Torri, No chance? 

Johnny Country Singer?

No rest for Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel this week.

The Texas A & M quarterback made an appearance at the KILT Ten Man Jam and belted out Beer, Bait and Ammo with the likes of Dierks Bentley, Roger Creager and Kevin Fowler.  

Is there anything this man can’t do??

Gig ‘Em!

Story via @AnnaMegan CBS Houston 

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