Winter can be extremely harsh on the skin. The cold, dry air can wreak havoc on it and make you lose your youthful glow. Fortunately, spring is a time for renewal!  It’s time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh, and that goes especially for your skin, your most precious commodity. Monique Mason, an eco-beauty expert with over 20 years experience in the industry and owner of MOKO Beauty in Old City, provides five beautiful tips for keeping your skin healthy, fresh and luminous.
Luminous Skin Is Always In

As usual, your mother was right. Drinking water is the best way to achieve moisture for your skin. Mason agrees with mom and suggests starting off your day with a cup of hot water and lemon. In the evening before settling down for a restful night’s sleep, be sure to cleanse your face thoroughly to wash away the day’s grime. Follow that with massaging in a couple of drops of Intelligent Nutrient’s Anti-Aging Serum (sold at MOKO).  It smells great and improves skin’s luminosity with anti-oxidants such as cranberry, grape, raspberry, pumpkin and nigella seed oil.

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Springtime Hair Flair

As important as it is to take care of your face, it’s equally as important to care for your scalp, as winter can rear its ugly head on it and your hair too. Mason says it only takes a few minutes to tantalize your scalp and replenish your hair. Before you climb into bed at night, massage a few drops of John Master’s Argan Oil into your scalp and comb completely throughout your hair. Don’t forget the ends! Mason claims that natural oils have the ability to simultaneously break down build-up while moisturizing your locks. And Mason assures that your hair and scalp will thank you.

Don’t Skip Your Lips

Lips are fun for spring, so break them out of their winter doldrums by trying a bright color. Mason suggests gracing them with a lively red hue, as spotted on the runways during New York Fashion Week. Mason carries luscious creamy lipsticks and glosses by Coleur Caramel at MOKO. They’re not only beautiful and feel great on your kisser, but they don’t contain carmine (beetle shells – eww!) like most lip products and other cosmetics on the market.

Color Express Your Nails

Mason and her staff at MOKO are loving all the fun nail trends that keep popping up, like criss-cross patterns and stripes in vibrant and wild colors. They not only make your nails look adorable but can show off your creativity. Keep your nails eco-friendly by using Priti Nail Polishes. The colors are bright, bold and beautiful and the nail polishes are “five free,” which means low on the nasty chemicals.

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Exude A Springtime Attitude

Springtime is a great time to try a fun new style for your hair. Some cute and popular ideas for spring include braids and bangs. Mason says to continue experimenting with styles and keep it playful. The best thing to do, according to Mason, is to cut out a picture of your favorite celeb style and bring it in to show your stylist or makeup artist. Mason and the MOKO staff always encourage clients to be adventurous and try something different, especially when approaching a new season.

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